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How to Find Relevant Content to Post on Social Media

In this revealing video, I share one of the best kept secrets where you can find fresh “industry influencer” caliber content to share with your social media audience. One of the BIGGEST challenges we face as business owners is to create and deliver what our subscribers are searching for day-in / day-out. The free resource […]

Pinterest Marketing Training: Local Targeting Tips

Here’s a powerful Pinterest marketing training video where you’ll discover how to target your community / city to get LOCAL traffic, leads, and new customers. You’ll also learn how to initiate the relationship building process the right way so others will think you’re cool from the first interaction. Please rate this video if you find […]

How NOT to Piss People off on Facebook!

How NOT to Piss People off on Facebook!

There’s a predictable science to pissing off your friends and other users on Facebook. Unfortunately, many have mastered this art with jedi-like precision. This post shares 9 practical tips about how NOT to annoy your friends on the social networking giant. 1. Use @Name and Photo Tagging Wisely A couple things worth mentioning here. Doing […]