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Private Jet Mastermind with Dr. Matthew Loop

If you’ve found your way to this particular page, you enjoy the finer things in life. This is Dr. Loop’s most exclusive experience / training. You’ll meet here in Atlanta then take a private jet to one of the world’s most exotic Caribbean destinations.

This is an advanced apprentice program designed to do one of two things.

1) Profitably integrate social media marketing / advertising into your existing business model, product, or service. This option is great for executives, companies, and high level entrepreneurs.

2) Help you build a 6-7 figure per month PASSIVE income machine around doing what you love.

Dr. Loop will personally help you map-out the exact strategies (fully customized) as well as an EASY-TO-FOLLOW plan of action to ensure your company starts impacting more and generating more revenue quickly.

This lavish opportunity isn’t for everyone, though.

It’s only for those entrepreneurs and executives who are serious about DOUBLING or tripling their annual company revenue while building more freedom into their lives.

Even if you just implement a couple (of the dozens) of strategies and plans Dr. Loop helps you create, you’re guaranteed to get back MUCH more than you invested.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of clients recoup their investment within the first month.

The one-on-one Private Jet Mastermind™ provides you with the “fast-track blueprint” to mastering and monetizing social media marketing for your company or brand.

You’ll also discover how to become a celebrity in your industry and a trusted center of influence.

With these time-tested strategies and foundational marketing principles, Dr. Loop’s been able to start from scratch and personally sell millions of dollars worth of products and services on the internet in just a few short years. More importantly, he’s helped private clients generate over $700 million in extra sales combined.

How the Experience Works

You’ll begin with a private strategy session:

A few days before your Private Jet Mastermind you’ll have an in-depth 30-minute conference call with Dr. Loop. You both will start your strategy planning on this call and continue it in-person.

You arrive in Atlanta the evening prior:

We’ll take care of your hotel that night and private transportation will be arranged for the next morning.

The jet will depart at 9am EST

While aboard, the first couple hours is spent getting all your ideas out on the table. Dr. Loop will ask you A LOT of clarifying questions. The whole time he’s strategically linking all the different aspects of your business: your market, your offerings, your goals, and your ideal lifestyle.

Almost always, by lunch time, it’s obvious what your lowest hanging fruit is.

Dr. Loop sees your entire plan mapped out in front of you… and it’s the optimum way for you to leverage your passion, existing products along with what your market will pay for.

You arrive at one of the world’s MOST gorgeous beaches

As the jet starts to descend, prepare to be amazed at the breathtaking colors you see. Powder white sand and turquoise blue ocean is just the start. This exotic destination is filled with an eclectic mix of things to do and incredible dining.

This is Dr. Loop’s favorite exotic getaway and you’re going to love it! Over lunch you’ll relax at one of the MOST beautiful beaches in the world so you can rest your excited brain (because you’re going to get SUPER energized by what you’ve both mapped-out to this point).

The 2nd portion of the day: Your complete revenue MULTIPLIER blueprint

Alright, after you’ve had some wonderful food and fresh air, it’s back to the lab. The second half of the day is typically when we now go deep to the specifics of your business success blueprint. Dr. Loop works with you to map-out all the details of your profit and growth strategy.

This typically encompasses:

– Detailed goals and projects broken down for the next several months

– Your entire website sales funnel (traffic, list building, conversion, sales, etc.)

– Who your ideal client really is (and what they most what to buy)

– All of your product and service offerings (We’ll identify all your products and/or services for all price points appropriate for your business).

– How to maximize profits (we plan the easiest ways for you to boost your income including up-sells, rate
increases, increasing the frequency people buy from you, and much more).

– And much more.

Once we finish for the day, it’s time a night of FUN on the island

Dr. Loop works with you that day as long as you need. Typically, you’ll wrap up by 7:00 pm EST, though. Then you both will go and have a memorable night on island and let everything covered marinate.

Work hard. Play harder.

The next day

Our private jet doesn’t depart until 5pm so we have plenty of time to go on an excursion and mastermind for a few more hours.

Follow Up and Continued Support

A week  after the Private Jet Mastermind™, Dr. Loop will get on the phone with you to go over any questions and perfect your plan. He’s also available for emails and short phone calls as you need them in the following months.

This helps A LOT because as you start to take action on your plan, questions will definitely come up. If you encounter an obstacle, rest assured Dr. Loop has already been there and can keep you moving forward quickly.

This high-level Private Jet Mastermind isn’t right for everybody. Because Dr. Loop spends almost TWO DAYS with you, he insists you meet a few requirements…

Here’s What it Will Do For You

Uncover and activate the hidden profit centers in your company that you’ve overlooked to this point.

Provide you with much needed clarity regarding EXACTLY what to do in your business for maximum exposure, leverage, traffic, and revenue. The guess-work is completely taken out of the equation since you’ll get to collaborate directly with Dr. Loop as he walks you through.

Give you a simple, PROVEN, step-by-step action plan to execute. This is highly customized to your company’s goals, wants and needs. Everyone is different so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s important to do what you love and to also make great money doing it!

You’ll discover how to become more resourceful and save TREMENDOUS amounts of time so you can do more with family and friends. Time is the one thing you cannot get back so mastering activity management is critical. We’ll design your work around your dream lifestyle, as opposed to the other way around.

You’ll learn how to position your company (and/or your personal brand) as the leader and center of influence in your marketplace. You’ll know how to build credibility fast, become a known celebrity and build a strong audience in any industry.

You’ll find-out how to make a GREAT living (and a 6 to 7 figure / month passive income stream) doing what you love, taking advantage of what you’re passionate about. Dr. Loop is a firm believer in creating a strong legacy that you can be proud of.

You’ll discover how to MAXIMIZE your business profits and short-cut your way to exponential growth / success.

Qualification Requirements

You MUST have at minimum of 3 years of business experience. (This can be running your own business or from corporate experience. This mastermind isn’t for you if you’re a newbie).

Your business MUST generate over $1,000,000 per year in sales… unless you’ve already sold a company.

You MUST be clear on what you want and what your niche is. If you have no idea what type of business you want to build, this mastermind intensive is not for you.

You MUST already have some (or a lot of) business success. You know what it really takes to become successful… focused and strategic work. You know this is true from first-hand experience.

You’re an action-taker and ready / committed to think bigger.

You must NOT be thin-skinned or get defensive about candid feedback.

You must NOT have a “lottery ticket” or “get rich quick” mindset.

You must NOT be negative or the type of person that blames outside circumstances for your results or have trouble making decisions. Whiners, complainers, and those that make excuses need not apply.

You MUST be willing to have a memorable night on the island after our experience.

1 Diamond Option Available

Once your application is approved, payment is due in full. All payments must be made in advance of our Private Jet Mastermind. Aside from everything listed above, you’ll get complimentary access to Dr. Loop’s library of business building products and trainings. You’ll also receive weekly phone coaching for three months to ensure follow-through and to have accountability. Calls are recorded and team members can attend.

Here’s how it works: You meet Dr. Loop at a private location here in Atlanta at 8:15am, the morning of your flight. This is a VIP experience and we roll-out the red carpet for you.

Investment = $75,000 for the experience.

If you meet the requirements above and are serious about DOUBLING your business revenue or taking your product to the next level, please download the Total Immersion Day application at this link.

Once you complete the form, email it to Tracy at so it can be reviewed. If accepted and we feel you’re right for this experience, you’ll be contacted by phone.

At that point, you’ll get the full details and specifics involved in these one-on-one intensive session. This is an exclusive, ACCEPTANCE-BASED program and Dr. Loop only takes-on a small group of clients at a time.