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Since 2005, Matthew Loop has been completely immersed in social media, successfully teaching highly profitable internet growth strategies to brands, entrepreneurs, chiropractors, and practically any business specialty you can think of. He’s an international best selling author, philanthropist, investor, Nasdaq / Harvard Faculty Club speaker, and a highly sought after social media revenue strategist.

Currently residing in Atlanta, he’s trained over 27,000 business owners in 25 countries.

Matthew’s public speaking events are attending by thousands of high-achievers and forward thinkers annually. He wasn’t always successful, though. Far from it.

Read his personal story below in his own words.

Matt Speaking at HARVARD

This was hard for me to talk about for the longest time.

In fact, it altered the course of my life and it’s a BIG reason why I’m committed to giving back. When I began my online entrepreneurial journey I didn’t have a million-dollar business or the luxury of a big bank roll like many public figures you might be familiar with. My parents weren’t rich and I wasn’t a member of the old boys club either.

Before discovering the power of social media, I was struggling in business with over $135,000 of loan debt. My credit cards were maxed because of all the ineffective advertising gimmicks I tried.

I even went to Bank of America one day and attempted to cash a convenience check. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it’s a pre-printed check that’s linked to your credit card. When you cash it, they jack up your interest rate and charge you astronomical fees.

As I stood at the counter, the bank teller came back from talking with her manager. My palms were sweating and I felt terrible. She politely said they couldn’t cash the check. My heart sank and my stomach knotted up. I felt crushed and scared because I was running out of options. I knew if I didn’t make something happen fast, I’d have to close my doors and take a job waiting tables.

That sure wasn’t what I signed up for when I went to grad school.

I felt like a failure because I couldn’t make the traditional promotion and advertising work.

Probably the worst part was when my ex-girlfriend’s father took me out to lunch one day at Bahama Breeze. After we ate, he presented me with a $2,000 check to float me along because he’d gotten wind of my financial circumstances and that I was behind on rent for the month. I had no idea this was coming.

You might say, “Why was that so bad?”

Well, whatever I had left of my ego was squashed that day. I was humiliated, and it was a very humbling experience. However, I had no choice at the time but to accept the loan. Now, the pressure was really on.

I had to make things work. There was no other option. It’s one thing to let yourself down. It’s another thing to let someone else down—especially when they invest in you. It turns out this situation was the kick in the tail I needed to get laser-focused and motivated to start making things happen.

Right after that hardship, I began to take an interest in social media and human behavior. I became fascinated with why people make the decisions they make when it comes to purchasing. I started asking myself questions like: Why would someone that clearly needs my service not invest in their health? What psychological factors influenced buying habits?

I devoured many books on the subject.

Probably one of the most powerful books I ever read was called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. It was like a fog had lifted. I finally understood how valuable the application of principles like consistency, reciprocity, authority, liking, social proof, and scarcity were… in terms of marketing.

Marketing is simply communicating what you do to the perfect audience at the right time in such a way that compels that prospective customer to take action so you can help them. It’s about ethically influencing an individual so they can achieve the result they’re already seeking at a much faster pace.

The rest is history, as they say.

As I began to grow my brick-and-mortar practice quickly using the Internet, a friend asked me to show him what I was doing because he was having problems getting the word out about his office.

He was blown away by what I was doing on Myspace (yes, you read that correctly). After all, everyone I spoke with thought it was a kids network. A short time later, my friend began to see brag-worthy results in his own practice by cloning the same social media marketing process I developed.

That’s when I started to realize the power of connecting people who were faced with real problems to effective solutions. If you can successfully do this, others will gladly pay you for your product, service, expertise, coaching, and advice.

Take the previous example. Many holistic doctors, like the overwhelming majority of professionals, have a hard time acquiring new clients when they get out of school.

However, it’s not difficult for the reason you might think.

There’s no shortage of people looking for wellness, natural health providers, alternatives to medicine, and drug-free solutions for pain. With that said, why aren’t many of these niche practices booming like crazy?

It’s because these professionals (like most other business owners) don’t know how to properly market and communicate to the people that actually need their services. Marketing is EVERYTHING online and offline, no matter what type of company you have or are thinking about starting!

So after I had my little epiphany in 2006, I decided to put my social media marketing expertise in DVD format so I could reach the masses of other doctors around the world. That was my initial big taste at harnessing the Internet to help others with my specialized knowledge. It was also my first real digital information product.

I get regular testimonials sent in from doctors and entrepreneurs that have applied the concepts and let me know how it’s changed their businesses and lives for the better. I can’t even describe to you what an amazing feeling it is to serve others doing what you love—while getting paid ridiculously well for it.

The crazy thing was that my “secondary” source of income eventually overtook my primary practice income. I was stunned when this happened! The demand increased so much that I had accidentally stumbled upon a career in consulting.

I loved helping patients in the office, but I figured that if I was able to show doctors and professionals how to reach and serve more with Facebook and other social media, I could directly and indirectly impact millions of people in need.

Being able to leave a positive legacy like that really excited me.

Throughout the last decade I’ve been fortunate to train tens of thousands of ordinary people, business owners, brands, consultants, authors, entrepreneurs, and famous public figures.

I’ve spoken from stage at world-class venues like Nasdaq then built a strong loyal following from scratch in a few different industries. You’ll learn how to replicate that process in the international best seller, Social Media Made Me Rich. The first six chapters are available for free at:


You see, Facebook isn’t just some hobby for me like it is for many others. I actually built a successful brick-and-mortar business using it.

Then, I took that advanced knowledge, applied it to online commerce, and established multi-million dollar companies from scratch. More importantly, this knowledge has helped my private clients generate over 700 million dollars in extra sales.

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