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The Freedom Alliance Mastermind™ – F.A.M.

An invitation only community for high achievers.

The Freedom Alliance Mastermind is limited to 50 people. World class experts, successful business owners, health experts, and freedom loving entrepreneurs from many industries converge in this exclusive group. The power of this network is the curation of its members. I personally hand select and vet the applicants. No one enters our inner circle unless they go through me first.

(When we use to the word “freedom,” we’re referring to time freedom, financial freedom, health freedom and individual sovereignty.)

It all starts with Family first, though. That’s the top of the pyramid. We’re all about making the family unit unbreakable now and in the future. Inside the F.A.M. you’ll discover how to navigate these uncertain times and create more prosperity.

A big reason why my wife and I created this F.A.M. community is because after being a member of many groups and masterminds, we still found pieces missing. There was no organization that brought together every single thing we wanted to not only grow our businesses but also bring more fulfillment, security, and greater meaning into our lives.

I also recognize the following. While I’ve been able to use social media to generate millions of dollars over the years, when I reflect back and take inventory of what’s created quantum leap growth, it’s been because of the strong relationships I’ve forged with high integrity A-players.

In life and business, who you know matters much more than what you know.

What We Discuss in the Group

Business Growth Strategies (current opportunities to scale while using business as a force for good in the world)

Investing for cash flow and wealth building (real estate, business acquisitions, online income, and more)

Family (strengthening connection, bonding, travel/adventure, etc)

Self Sufficiency (prepping, survival, personal protection, etc)

World Events (reading patterns, understanding what’s happening, how they impact us, and how to come out not only unscathed, but a winner as the economy shifts)

Health Optimization, peak performance, and biohacking strategies.

Here’s What you Get as a Member

Weekly Zoom group coaching calls plus recordings where we share insider knowledge, help you overcome challenges, create new business growth possibilities, share/celebrate wins, etc. Sessions typically last 45 minutes to one hour.

Two VIP in person meet ups per year and travel opportunities (one at our country club in Atlanta and one in either a European or American destination). Expect red carpet five star experiences all the way. If you’ve been to any of our events in the past, you know how we love to pamper our guests.

Access to our private WhatsApp group so you’ll never miss important content or conversations.

Cool swag, merch, and perks only available to members.

A free ticket to our flagship Social Media Revenue Summit event in August ($1797 value)

Access to all my products and programs now and in the future (Social Media Elite, Internet Income Club, Real Estate Investing Summit, In-House Advertising Secrets, ChatGPT Marketing Secrets, etc)

High level connections, resources and contacts you won’t find anywhere else. It’s taken me hundreds of thousands of dollars to build this rolodex and I guard it carefully. Relationship capital is the gift that keeps on giving and by being accepted into our inner circle, you get fast access to what’s taken me 17 years to build.

Priority access to new money making opportunities that come across my desk through other exclusive private partnerships. I’ve never shared these with any clients before.

Ongoing accountability which holds your feet to the fire to make sure you get things done.

Interviews with other 7, 8, and 9 figure world class experts and those who resonate with our attitudes, values, and beliefs.

Our Core Values Are:


Relationship Capital

Freedom (financial, time, health, and individual)

Insider Knowledge


Eligibility Criteria

Must have a family first mentality and value personal sovereignty and freedom in the areas mentioned above.

Must be generating at least $500,000 per year in business revenue. In our F.A.M., we have members ranging between the 500k baseline and $17M in annual sales.

Must have a desire to build and multiply your net worth by 5 – 15x. We’ll discuss modern wealth creation and cash flow methods that are working in spite of the chaos that surrounds us.

Must understand that no government or politician (on either side) is coming to save you. The world does not run and operate the way most people think it does. You must protect your family and save yourself.

Must be a giver and willing to participate in the community. We’re not interested in takers. You are willing to share your business successes openly and candidly with the F.A.M. community. Qualified members will be selected for what they bring to the table from unique skills, resources and knowledge. Each member adheres to a confidentiality agreement of what happens within the group, stays within the group.

Must be open to learning how we have been deceived and enslaved as a society… AND, more importantly, what to do in order to stack the deck in your favor to escape the rat race.

In here, we’re focused on transforming businesses and lives for the better… period.

F.A.M. Member Benefits:

You’re surrounded by winners and brilliant men and women who care about helping you reach your desired level of success. As the old saying goes, “your network equals your net worth” and “proximity is power.” This is the ultimate short cut to multiplying your wealth.

Your income is guaranteed to grow (or your money back).

Solving problems efficiently and removing bottlenecks. Many members have their special zone of genius and when we all come together, the brain power is off the charts. We have faced any problem you can possibly imagine and come out on top. We’ll guide you through and find a solution quickly.

Insider information. Learn tools, strategies, and resources that only the world’s elite are privy to.

Access to new adventures and bucket list experiences. We travel and speak all over the world and we’ll share our top spots, recommendations, and tips that help your family live an epic life.

Regular accountability. Sometimes we let ourselves down but it’s very difficult to let others down who you truly admire respect. Your reputation is on the line. We’ll hold your feet to the fire so you can accomplish those goals and dreams much faster.

You can openly share your wins. The more successful you become, the more difficult it can be to talk to family and friends who are not at the same level. However, it’s important to share and celebrate accomplishments. This is encouraged in our F.A.M. because growth is a scorecard. We want you to continue to soar!


If accepted, we have three payment options. The first is $2,500 down, then 10 monthly payments of only $1,250 ($15,000 annually). We also have a one time pre-payment option of $13,000 (you save $2,000). Lastly, you can pay two installments of $7,000, billed three months apart for a savings of $1,000.

As mentioned above, if your income does not substantially grow during our year together, we’ll refund your entire membership. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a risk free opportunity. If you’ve been a client (or a subscriber) in the past, you’ve likely made tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars from the strategies and information I’ve shared with you.

Realize that’s just the beginning. Now, in the Freedom Alliance Mastermind, we’ll be working closely each month. Not only that. You’ll have access to the brain power of other hand selected members as well. We’re also periodically bringing in the best of the best to share their knowledge and insights.

Who you surround yourself with matters MORE THAN EVER in the chaotic world we live in.

Show me your friends, family, and peer group and I’ll show you your future. I’ve heard variations of this said many times. It’s never been more true. The last thing you want to do right now is spend large amounts of time with people who lack motivation, discipline, and the ability to be resourceful.

I believe tougher times are coming.

If the conversations you’re having at the moment are about the weather, celebrity gossip, what’s happening in the news, how you can cut expenses, save money, etc… you’re in trouble. Look around and this becomes obvious. You’re too entrenched in the simulation and our handlers have you where they want you, asleep and distracted.

In the F.A.M. we have conversations about solving problems, investing in relationships, becoming recession proof, buying cash flowing assets, advanced preparedness, accessing private or institutional capital, doing whatever it takes to protect your family, recognizing world happenings and how they affect you, etc.

The rich are getting richer so it’s time to tilt the table in your favor.

How to Apply:

Review the eligibility criteria above. Then, email my assistant Tracy at for an application and to get on the wait list. Or, send me a message on social media. Once we hit 50 members the doors will close.

I’m not looking to build this group into the hundreds or thousands.

The older I get, the smaller my circle gets… and for good reason. Give me a handful of high quality relationships over a large quantity of acquaintances any day of the week.

You won’t find any big egos in the F.A.M. We’re all here to provide value and you’ll have DIRECT access to me. You can leverage my expertise and track record along with our other seasoned members. I’ve helped many clients grow to 7 and 8 figures with powerful social media and Internet marketing methods.

Private Client Success Stories

“Matthew Loop’s coaching is awesome! I increased my income by over 500K in less than a year with him!! Growing my business 1212% has been a wild, fun rush.”

  – Barbara Eaton (Alaska)


“I cannot say enough about how Matthew has changed my life. More importantly, the thousands of people that now hear my message loud and clear. Matthew provided all the tools, mentorship, and support I needed to help me generate over ONE MILLION dollars in revenue through social media alone. He is kind, generous with his information, and living proof himself. He walks the walk.”

– Dr. Sachin Patel (Mississauga)


“When we started working together I was receiving on average 4 new patients online per month and 0 Facebook new patients which accounted for 18% of new patients.  2 months after we started working together I started averaging 6 new patients per month online and 6 new patients from Facebook.  These two stats accounted for 32% of our new patients.  With an average of $1,200 per new patient your services helped my clinic make an additional $50,400 in revenue over a 6 month period. 

Since then, Dr. Loop’s coaching has helped me generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. It’s also given me more certainty and clarity in the Internet space.”

  – Greg Pursley, DC (Missouri)


“I love you, bro. and combined sales Canada and USA sales is $6,500 USD in the last (first) month!”

– Brad Deakin (Ontario)


“Matt’s training has allowed me to reach a large amount of people in my community which has propelled me to think bigger to help more people around the world. He taught me how to leverage social media strategically to get predictable results without spending hours online wasting my time. With Matt’s guidance, we successfully launched a program that brought in $37,000 in just two months! In the ever changing world of social media there’s nobody better to learn from and follow.”

  – Jose Guevara (Georgia)


“We went from 2-3 new patients per month to over 25 per month from Facebook with your help!”

  – Jeremiah Freedman, DC (Ohio)


I wanted to tell you that since I’ve been consulting with you my weekly new patients are up to 16 this week from 5, and I’m looking for an associate to help me with all of the new business. I actually had a np yesterday who told me at a health fair a couple of years ago that she’d NEVER go to a chiropractor. (She doesn’t know I remember her). I’ve done consulting of one kind or another in most of my 39 years of practice. This has worked faster and better than anything else. I am forever grateful. Dr. Matthew—-you ROCK!!!”

 – Susan Cosgrove, DC (New York)


Over the past 12 months we have averaged 35 NP per month from social media with your coaching.” 

  – Brian Morris, DC (Ohio)


“I have been in practice for over 17 years now. We have a busy office primarily driven by internal referrals. A typical month for us would be 20 new patients. When we would have associates join we would start our external marketing between screenings and massage days. Well, then came 2020. Everything was shut down. We had just had an associate start at the end of 2019 and qualify to start seeing patients at the start of 2020. We were working out external marketing program when all of a sudden it stopped. Everything shut down.

I had a lot of friends using Matt’s system and doing his personal coaching. I started off with purchasing the Social Media Elite program. It was awesome! I learned so much with that program. I saw social media marketing in a completely different way. The same friends also encouraged me to do his personal coaching. Her exact words were, “It’s a game changer.”

She nailed it. Total game changer. In the past, getting a new patient from the internet was about as common as finding a $20 bill in your winter jacket from the year before. It happened but it was very rare. We would get maybe 3-5 new patients from the internet A YEAR!

With Matt’s personal coaching we are getting 3-5 new patients A WEEK! Here’s the deal though. It’s not easy. You don’t pay his coaching fee and sit back and watch it happen. You have to make it happen. You have to do what he tells you. You have to do what you’ve never done before to get what you’ve never gotten. If you really want to change your online presence (at this point it’s not a “want to”) this is by far the best program you will come across.”

  – Stanley Dombroski, DC (Michigan)


“We have been working with Dr. Loop for over 6 months and he has taken us from complete novices to a situation where we can say that we far more empowered when is comes to online strategies. We have generated 1000’s of New clients and new relationships using his strategies and the best part is that they are all very doable and massively scalable (even for a tech dummy like me ). Honestly we didn’t have a clue when we started and he really did give us the tools, knowledge and mentorship that we needed to get us to the next level with our marketing.”

– Ryan Rieder (UK)


“I just opened my first chiropractic clinic; I was hesitant about spending the money to do private coaching with Dr. Loop since money is tight when you are starting up.  It was hands down the best investment I made!  Worth every penny and more!  I am 5 months into practice, and I got 22 new patients from Facebook alone last month!  I am so excited to take it to the next level at the Social Media Revenue Summit!”

  – Venessa Bartholomew, DC (Texas)


“I have used Matt twice now as a private coach. Worth every penny! In one year’s time the practice has profited an estimated $100,000. Best money we ever spent!”

– Nate Berrett, DC (Idaho)


“Matt… Thank you for your coaching! We ended up having a record year with 12% growth! I turned to you when businesses were shutdown and external marketing looked gloomy. My associates lost their best avenues to get the word out and grow their practices. I had been paying big bucks for years to have a company do our internet marketing. We’d get an average of 2-3 leads per month. Hearing of colleagues who were doing better; I even added a recommended second company on top of the first with poor results. The leads increased but they weren’t serious leads, so it netted zero results. I chalked it up to my area being over saturated.

I was amazed that within two months of coaching with you I was getting 12+ solid leads per month and now I get an average of 30 good leads per month. I have learned so much. I am still learning and know I’ll get even better results as I build on what we are doing. Working with you has been a blessing! Thanks again!”

– Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter (Illinois)


“I started coaching with Dr. Loop after the Social Media Revenue Summit last year. We had virtually no social media presence before coaching. I think 400 views was the most we had for any of our posts prior to working with Matthew. Since coaching our views have absolutely blown up! My best video has 80,000 views, 40,000 views, and 21,000 views and counting. This is in a town of only 8,000 people, and it being the biggest town within a 25 minute drive of our location!! We literally had more new patients than we could schedule. I am currently buying a separate location to handle the overflow of new patients we are experiencing since coaching with Matthew. I cannot more strongly recommend him as a coach for Facebook advertising.”

– Dr. Travis Howard (Vermont)


“I had put off getting serious about social media advertising for my whole career really. Maybe it was because I already had significant success in my chiropractic office. But honestly, I was intimidated. Our office had a Facebook page, but we really only used it periodically and never really got serious about promoting ourselves or chiropractic. I knew that when I did dove in, I wanted to learn from the best. It has been common knowledge in my profession that Matt Loop is the guy to go to.

Last summer, I finally made the commitment and registered for his Social Media Revenue Summit, something I had wanted to do for quite a while but never pulled the trigger. I’m really glad I did. I went in not knowing much really. I knew I had a lot to learn and that I needed to hire him to coach me through my journey.

He’s not only helped me navigate the start of my social media journey, my investment in him has returned to me 10 fold in just the first few months… and it keeps on giving! I guess the best thing I’ve learned all year is that social media can be one of the most targeted, cost effective promotional resources out there, and with the right help, even a guy like me with limited know how can win! Thanks Matt!”

– Dr. Steven Jones (Kentucky)



If You’re Not Committed, This is Not For You

I’m looking forward to having you in the family!