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Charles Ramsey: America’s New Hero (Interview and 911 Call)

Charles Ramsey: America's New Hero (Interview and 911 Call)

Today, while on Twitter, I noticed a blog post by Global Grind titled, 13 Reasons Why Charles Ramsey Is The Most Epic Hero In History. The headline naturally sparked my curiosity so I clicked and had a look. I’m SO GLAD I did! In case you’re not familiar, Charles Ramsey has become an instant internet […]

Your Wife is HOT! [billboard]

Your Wife is HOT! [billboard]

I was driving on I285 here in Atlanta a couple months ago and saw this great attention grabbing billboard. See the image below. It actually caused me to do a double-take. I just had to laugh and appreciate this direct, creative advertisement.     It also got me thinking about the fact very few small […]

Funny Sticky Buddy Dub [video]

Thought you could use a laugh today. If you have sensitive ears or dislike profanity, it’s probably best not to click the play button below. On the other hand, if you could use a little humor to brighten your day, watch the video right now.     — Did you like this post? If so, […]

Funny Social Evolution Graphic

Funny Social Evolution Graphic

I thought this social evolution graphic was rather fitting, and funny. I saw it posted on Google+ by Tom Anderson (creator of Myspace) of all people. What do you think? — — Did you like this post? If so, click the Facebook “like” and Google+ buttons below and share it with your friends! Related Blog […]

Funny 4th of July Story

Here’s a funny 4th of July story that happened to me in 2004. It was during my last semester of graduate school in St. Louis. Involves fireworks and the police… go figure! Click the play button below to listen-in. — — Did you like this post? If so, click the Facebook “like” button below and […]

BREAKING: Facebook Founder a CIA Operative?

Is Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, actually an undercover CIA agent? Are we witnessing one of the biggest “online surveillance” cover-ups in history? You be the judge. Click the play button below for the shocking details. — — Did you like this video? If so, click the Facebook “like” button below and share it with your […]

8 Funny Medical Jokes

Hey…. guess what time it is? Yes, it’s time to relax and not take yourself too seriously! Here are some pretty funny medical jokes you’re going to like. Feel free to share them with friends and colleagues, as everyone deserves a good laugh. Q: How is a hospital gown like insurance? A: You’re never covered […]

Walrus Dances to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal

No… seriously! Related Blog Posts Is your Chiropractic Business Card CRAP? Funny Halloween Pranks

Is your Chiropractic Business Card CRAP?

I actually had the chance to see possibly the greatest pitchman alive, Joel Bauer, at StomperNet Live a couple weeks ago. I’m not going to go into specifics about his presentation on influence, persuasion and how to get customers to buy from you. Reason being, I don’t think I can really do it justice because […]

Funny Halloween Pranks

This Halloween prank video will give you a laugh, for sure. Let me know what you think 🙂 – Matt