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Celebrity Social Media Revenue Strategy

If leveraged correctly, social media has the ability to provide you, as a celebrity, ongoing recurring revenue while creating sustainable top-of-the-mind awareness for the long-term.

The creation of a digitally delivered product line enables you to extend your brand equity beyond existing entertainment platforms by offering fans fresh, authentic interactions and experiences.

Through Dr. Matthew’s Atlanta office, and supported by our partners worldwide, we provide celebrity and expert talent with a unique, strategic approach to social media revenue generation that no agency in the world offers.

This proven method can easily increase your brand revenue by 1 million per year (or more) quickly. The best part is, the time and work involved is minimal and everything can be done from the comfort of your own home.

For this reason, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be signed beforehand so specific details can be provided during the initial phone consult.

Our experienced team works with celebrity brands to execute continuity programs that match their core values, allowing for a natural extension of a client’s personality and expertise to be showcased using social media.

From music to film to fashion, we create a direct connection between a personality and the fan that extends way beyond the pages of a magazine or movie screen. The result is more liking, trust, and dramatic increases in revenue.

In today’s social media dominated world, consumers crave insider information and accessibility to their favorite personalities. We simply help give them what they want, which turns simple fans into RAVING fans that pay you month after month.

Through the launch of relevant and compelling online products and services, social media revenue strategy creates an organic, one-on-one experience between you and your audience.

For more information and to see if you qualify, email VIP@DCincome.com

What this program is NOT:

This is NOT “social media management.” Managers manage, they don’t generate your brand additional revenue. This is one of the big mistakes public figures initially make and learn the hard way.

This is NOT about licensing merchandise like T-shirts and other antiquated and unprofessional items.

This is NOT about doing public appearances where you must travel and leave your family.

This is NOT about creating a “job” for you or trading time for money.

This is NOT an untested fly-by-night revenue strategy. This has been proven and tested in multiple markets. Dr. Matthew has used this strategy to come out of nowhere and to generate millions.