Disclosure Policy « The Blog of Matthew Loop

To comply with the December 2009 FTC ruling over bloggers getting paid to write stuff, I offer the following disclosure policy to cover my ass and preserve your reading experience. If you’re reading my blog, you should assume the following:

For the sake of argument, assume I get paid for every recommendation, link, and product I use. I make money from almost every post I put on this blog.

That being said, it’s IMPORTANT to also note that I never recommend garbage or stuff that I’ve never actually tested. I only promote things that I put my name behind that will grow your business and make you more money like it has me.

I never accept money or gifts to guide / alter my opinions EVER! I’m honest about each and every product and cannot be bought to say something nice about your product or service.

Right now in today’s time, you have to be transparent and not put your name behind any old thing. You cannot build a great reputation while pumping out crap. Your readers will see through quickly.

I don’t really sell too much stuff on this blog. Most of the time I just write about my travels or provide tips and strategies you can use to rapidly grow your business via the internet.

That may change in the future, but the primary use of this blog is to write about my life and to coach entrepreneurs on social media marketing and SEO.

At times, I receive freebies for blogging about particular products. I even get free dinners from vendors who want to wine and dine me. The images below tell the story.