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The Real Estate Investing Summit teaches you how to beat inflation and create passive cash flow through Airbnb/Vrbo short term rentals and long term single family RE investments. You’ll learn how to start from scratch and build your own lucrative real estate portfolio on top of your current job or business. No stone is left unturned.

This training is for you if:

You would you like to find out how some of the most successful entrepreneurs are investing in single-family real estate and short-term rentals (Airbnb/Vrbo) to generate recurring monthly cash flow.

You want to learn how to reduce tax liability and discover high-leverage ways to build a team plus automate much of the process.

You would you like to simplify and model proven protocols that create and create long-term wealth.

Here’s what you get with the training:

You’ll learn long-term single family investing, short-term AirBnb investing, and Subto creative financing real estate strategies.

4 hours and 18 min of video recordings.

Access to all PowerPoint slides and resources.

Email support.

Register and get instant access to the event recordings at this link. You can save 50% for a limited time. We host this event once each year in Atlanta, GA at The Porsche Experience Center. See highlights and testimonials below.



Disclaimer. Nothing on this website, during this live training, and in the recordings is to be considered financial, tax, legal, or investment advice. This is only for informational purposes. Consult your attorney, CPA, or financial advisor with specific questions related to these subjects. All real estate investments come with risk. Some investments use leverage which can accentuate gains or losses. Past performance and results are not a guarantee of future performance.