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Charles Ramsey: America’s New Hero (Interview and 911 Call)

Today, while on Twitter, I noticed a blog post by Global Grind titled, 13 Reasons Why Charles Ramsey Is The Most Epic Hero In History. The headline naturally sparked my curiosity so I clicked and had a look. I’m SO GLAD I did! In case you’re not familiar, Charles Ramsey has become an instant internet sensation.

He helped rescue Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, two girls that made headlines a whopping 10 years ago when they were kidnapped.

Below is the actual video interview.

The story is very inspirational, but to hear Charles tell it is hilarious! It totally made my day. I think the rest of America feels the same way, judging by the fact he’s been the most talked about person online right now.



But wait… there’s more! After you watch the video above, listen to the 911 call at this link. It’s almost two minutes of pure AWESOMENESS!!

Make no mistake, Charles Ramsey is a hero. The main reason is because he refused to be a bystander. He was quick to react and help those that were in desperate need.

Best interview and 911 call ever? What do you think?

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