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Banned from Google Places?

Lately, we’ve all heard about how Google is taking away LEGITIMATE reviews like crazy. Some doctors have even brought-up the point that it’s almost like they’ve been banned from Google! I can assure you that more than likely you your business listing hasn’t been banned. See my previous blog post here about it. Why are […]

The New Google Local Search Conspiracy?

Ever since the new Google algorithm and local search update recently, I’ve been bombarded with questions from concerned chiropractors, internet marketers, and other business professionals. I can understand the concern and frenzy especially from beginners online. One very important thing to note, though. DON’T FREAK OUT! The sky is not falling nor is there a […]

6 Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Local Business Listing Rank

6 Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Local Business Listing Rank

I thought I’d make a post today about something that every chiropractor or business owner can do to help themselves scale to the top of Google quickly. This effective chiropractic internet marketing strategy is accomplished by setting up a Google local business listing (also called Google Maps listing) and implementing the proven methods below to […]