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US Credit Rating Downgraded… WTF?

I wish I could say I’m surprised by the recent US credit rating getting downgraded, but I’m not. It was inevitable and this is just the beginning of more serious things to come. Our financial system has been in trouble for longer than most realize. Last week we officially “maxed-out” our credit card. So, the […]

Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group REVIEW

Before you join Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group, watch this revealing video first. In it, you’ll learn what to expect, what not to expect and if this community is really right for you. This is an uncensored sneak peek of the members area. I’ve been devouring the content for the past few weeks and am now […]

How to Profit Big in Today’s Economic Crisis

Ever since I read The Creature from Jekyll Island 7 years ago, my views about money and investing have dramatically shifted. The book opened my eyes to the international banking cartel and why the Federal Reserve is one big Ponzi scheme. This shocking video below is one of the best I’ve seen about how the […]