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Atlanta Social Media Consultant Speaks to Over 100 Doctors

Here’s a quick video clip of me presenting in Toronto at “Prosperity.” If you were unable to attend this powerful chiropractic practice marketing seminar in Toronto, you definitely missed-out! The phenomenal line-up of speakers included Dr. Pat Gentempo, Dr. Mike Reid, myself, Dr. Billy DeMoss, and a few others. Everything was FRESH and current, as […]

Why I Like to Give Away Free Money [video]

In this video below, I share one of the most important life lessons I’ve EVER learned about attracting greater prosperity and abundance. It’s also the reason why I like to give away free money when speaking at events around the country. Click the play button to watch.     – Did you like this post? […]

Chiropractic Marketing Seminar Gets DC’s Fired-up!

Chiropractic Marketing Seminar Gets DC's Fired-up!

I thought some doctors were going to seriously flip-out after they saw what I did at the PROSPERITY chiropractic marketing seminar in Toronto yesterday! Many were commenting how outrageous, fun, and empowering the presentation was. Click the play button below to see a glimpse of what happened: — – For more information on products and […]

Join me in Toronto this October

There’s a quote I live my life by that says, “If you want to do the many things most people can’t do, simply do the few things MOST people won’t do.” Following this has enabled me to break away from the average majority and realize an amazing life of prosperity. Coincidentally, the name of the […]