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The BEST Twitter Marketing Strategy for Brands [video]

In this free video training, you’ll discover the MOST powerful function on Twitter that gets you more followers, increases your website traffic, builds better brand loyalty, and creates an influx of new clients / customers. This strategy allows you to INSTANTLY tap into targeted conversations by keyword or in your local or national market. It’s […]

Business Owners Upset and OUTRAGED with Facebook?

Business Owners Upset and OUTRAGED with Facebook?

It’s no big secret that it’s MUCH harder for your Facebook posts to go viral and actually reach all of your friends / fans. We’ve seen a steady decline in this regard over the last couple years on our end as well as clients. Personally, I started to notice right around the time Facebook introduced […]

The RIGHT WAY to Respond to a Facebook Friend Request

Here’s the RIGHT WAY to accept and respond to friend requests on Facebook. Following what I share in this video will set you apart from the crowd and actually make you look like a cool person to interact with. Not to mention it will position you in such a way that potential new patients or […]