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Puppy Treat NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes!!

Puppy Treat NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes!!

Well, the day has finally arrived and I cannot even begin to describe how THRILLED I am right now. Puppy Treat, my first iPhone gaming app, is already creating smiles and melting hearts around the world. It’s highly addictive and fun for all ages. You can preview the game on iTunes at the link below: […]

Social Proof IS the New Marketing

This was such a incredible article from TechCrunch that I had to re-post it here on my blog. If you’ve heard me speak live, you know I always say, “Never let social proof work against you.” All of my marketing and coaching programs heavily center around this powerful concept. When you know how to create […]

Google DELETING Legitimate Places Reviews?

Real quick, I wanted to inform you about this article that was written on TechCrunch less than 24 hours ago to explain the recent annihilation of legitimate Google reviews from your Places page. My inbox has been flooded by concerned clients and other business owners. This explains the situation: They even reference a pizza […]