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3 Chiropractic Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

Chiropractic landing pages are gaining significant traction in the last several months. The overwhelming majority of chiropractic websites I critique regularly are missing this critical component, though. Not having a chiropractic landing page is one of the main reasons why you may not be getting calls from new patients like you want.

Most doctors understand that website traffic is crucial in regards to effective chiropractic marketing online BUT conversion is where the magic happens. Actually getting a visitor to take action when they’re on your site is the ultimate objective when everything is said and done.

You can flood your chiropractic website with traffic but if you can’t get them to take action, opt-in, or call your office then it really doesn’t matter. This is where a chiropractic landing page can be ultra-effective.

A word of caution, though. Here are three landing page mistakes I see often:

Mistake 1:

The chiropractor does not have a strong, compelling call to action or offer. About 95% of all websites I come across have weak offers and minimal calls to action. In all honesty, simply having a newsletter sign-up box on your website won’t help you capture many online leads.

We know the average person lands on any given website (except if you’re Facebook) for only a few seconds. This is why it’s imperative to get their attention fast and provide a “mafia offer” they couldn’t possible refuse.

At bare minimum, it’s important the prospective new patient give you their name and email address. A simple way to collect this information is to offer a free report or video series on important relevant topics.

For example, maybe you have a report titled, “The 5 Secrets You Absolutely Must Know Before Choosing a Chiropractor” or “How to End Back Pain Forever WITHOUT Dangerous Drugs or Surgery.”

Not only could you give away a free report, but also enter them in a contest, a chance to win a free massage or something. This will definitely entice a qualified prospect to enter their name / email into your contact form. Be sure to check with your state licensing board to see what you can and can’t offer at no charge, though.

Just like new patients are the life-blood of your practice, your email list of prospective patients is the life-blood of your online chiropractic marketing. Many doctors still are not building an email list. This is “planning to fail.”

Why, you might be thinking?

Most people will only be on your website a couple seconds and will never return after they bounce off. However, if you give them a good reason to get on your list, you can now communicate with them anytime you want.

If this is you, visit MyProResponse.com immediately to get in the game.

Having a list of interested prospects that you’ve organically built is the ULTIMATE leverage. You can literally get patients and make money at the push of the email send button.

Here’s a perfect example:

I collaborated with two of my personal coaching clients and helped them create a powerful 3 day new patient getting email sequence specialized for their practices. These emails went out to their lead lists that they had built over the past couple years.

One doctor had a list of 10,000 and the other had an email list of 2,000. They both sent emails Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The first doctor ended up getting 2 new decompression patients and closed them for $6,000 a piece. That’s an extra $12,000 for the month from sending a few emails!

The other doctor got an extra 6 new patients from the email campaign we put together. That netted him an extra $7,000 for the month…. Again, just from sending a few emails! (By the way, if you have an email list and want my new patient getting email sequence, send me an email and I’ll get you pricing details, etc..)

Email lists you’ve built equal money if you know how to harness them! There is a science to doing this as well. Once mastered, you can push the email send button and get paid over and over again.

Mistake 2:

Another mistake I see is that some chiropractic landing pages are way to complex and have too many things going on at once or too many links to click. Busy websites and clutter only confuse website visitors making them less likely to become new patients.

A chiropractic landing page should be simple with a curiosity-evoking headline, video, email opt-in form, incentive and call to action. In my experience, the less choices the better. This ensures they’ll be more likely to take the action you want them to.

With the opt-in box, make sure it cannot be missed by a website visitor. You can embed it on the page itself or use a light-box script like I have on this blog. You can go here to get the one I use.

Mistake 3:

The last mistake I see on websites and chiropractic landing pages is not having a video that immediately starts-up and plays when a potential new patient comes to the page.

Why is this a mistake?

If you don’t auto-play the video, you’re leaving too much to chance as whether visitors will click the play button or not. Don’t do that! Videos grab attention fast AND you can tell the prospect exactly what to at anytime. You stimulate their visual and audio senses so make sure it immediately start’s-up.

Avoiding these mistakes and applying what I’ve recommended here will make your chiropractic landing page bullet-proof.  You’ll then be able to capture massive amounts of leads and convert them into new patients for your practice.

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20 Responses to “3 Chiropractic Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid”

  1. Great content like always Matt. I implemented your web 2.0 social media kit almost 2 years ago and it definitely makes a difference.

  2. Rohit says:

    Very interesting concept….

  3. Matthew, Great tips here. I just finished up a Facebook campaign that did great considering it ran over the holidays and I only had 3 weeks to create and implement. I am happy to say I did not make any of these mistakes : )

  4. Dr Matt,

    How do you get the video to start up immediately for visitors?

  5. Dov says:

    What is a video site that plays automatically when the page loads up.

  6. Matthew Loop says:

    Todd… The simplest thing to do is to Google “YouTube autoplay code” or whatever autoplay code you’re looking for (ex… Amazon S3 autoplay, etc..).

    It really depends on where you videos are hosted online. Some host on YouTube, some on Amazon S3, some on Viddler, etc. If you’re having trouble inserting the code, have your webmaster do it 😉

  7. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Dov… You can find many video sharing websites that you can auto-play videos from. YouTube and Viddler are probably the two major ones. Viddler gives you the option when you go to embed the code whereas YouTube does not.

    You can Google “YouTube autoplay code” or whatever autoplay code you’re looking for, though.

  8. Matt,

    Great blog, I have been wondering about landing pages for a while and I thought that the website host I use would be up on this information. Are there any chiropractic clients of yours that currently use popupdomination so that I can see some examples of how it is best used?

  9. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks Brian. I don’t have record of which members are using it or not. You can see the example of what I did on this blog. Ideally, you’d have an image of what you’re giving away (free report ebook cover or video mini-course dvd pics, etc…), then you’ll list the 3 biggest benefits (in bullet-points) the potential new patient will get from the information 😉

  10. Dr. Steve says:

    Very good stuff. I agree with the planning to fail concept if docs are not putting together an email list. Thanks for the article and I’ll keep reading your blog!

  11. Doc Vegas says:

    Very good article!

    Thank you for inspiring me to get more done.

  12. Joe says:

    Thanks Matthew, it’s very nice post. I was looking for something which work to address the underlying mechanical and neurological problems in the spine and body to reduce the back pain and other symptoms from poor spine function and I got the Ideas. Once again thanks for all this

  13. Thank you for this tips Matt, I learned few things here, I will definitely visit here again.

  14. Lance Woods says:

    Great stuff Matt, couldn’t agree more with your points!

  15. Excellent article content about chiropractic landing pages. You’re right about the impact of video that immediately starts-up and plays when a potential new patient comes to the page. That would be appealing on the website. Thanks for sharing such a informative and useful post. Keep posting.

  16. Great post Matt. Landing pages shouldn’t be confused with the home page of a practice website. The home page call to action should get the patient to call for an appointment.

  17. Matt,

    I completely agree that a majority of chiropractic websites do not have strategies in place to turn visitors into leads and leads into new patients. According to hubspot statistics the more landing pages you have the better. Having condition specific landing pages that connect with a prospective new patient based on the type of blog article they are reading is an excellent strategy.

    God bless and be well,

    Dr Bill Davis

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