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47 New Patients in TEN MINUTES!! (and how he did it)

This is going to blow you away and help create a fast SURGE of new patients in your chiropractic office. After twisting his arm, I got our friend, Dr. Brad Glowaki, to reach into his vault and reveal the EXACT formula that produced a staggering 47 new patients in ten minutes!

Well, that’s his personal best record.

The truth is, he reproduces high new patient numbers like this repeatedly. The man’s got it down to a predictable science. Sounds crazy… but there’s a reason why he’s known in our industry as THE “new patient maven.”

Mark your Calendar Now

On Tuesday, June 26th at 9pm EST (6pm PST) I’m holding a powerful call where I’ll be interviewing Dr. Brad. I’m going to grill him about the EXACT marketing methods he’s using to gross over a million dollars / year in his practice.

Don’t worry, this is a free event.

Call-in # – 712-432-0075
Access Code – 592532

All hype aside, this call has the potential to DRAMATICALLY transform your practice and life… period!

Here’s what you’ll discover on the call:

1. How to get more qualified new patients in ONE MONTH than many chiropractors get in a single year (while having fun doing it!)

2. How to actually pick your ideal New Patients so they don’t pick you.

3. The key to creating your own marketing venues, and corporate talks for lunch and learns

4. The secret to targeting the WHO, before the how to do it.

5. How to find viable audiences to speak to live, so it creates a “serendipitous occasion”

6. What to say in a corporate talk that will dictate the level of trust with a new patient.

7. Why pre-qualifying new patients saves you time, and allows you to vacation

8. Which groups to AVOID! Stop wasting your energy with this one!

9. And much more…

Here’s what to do Next

Save the date and time. Yes, you have to be on this call to get access to these incredibly lucrative marketing methods. This is NOT the type of event you want to miss-out on!

Again, you won’t pay a single cent for this premier teleclass. This WILL NOT be a pitch-fest either. I intend to really grill Dr. Brad so you can reliably duplicate his effective practice-growth strategies this year!

You know I only bring the BEST on calls with me. Expect to have many AHA “lights-on” moments, too!

If you’re ready to kick-start your chiropractic practice into high-gear do whatever it takes to join us. Per usual, we are only reserving 197 lines for this highly anticipated call. I promise we WILL be full.

Get on the call at least 5 minutes early to secure your spot. Here are the details again.

The event takes place on Tuesday, June 26th at 9pm EST (6pm PST)

Call-in # – 712-432-0075
Access Code – 592532

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