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5 Unusual Ways to Increase Patient Volume and Practice Income

Here are some specific chiropractic practice marketing strategies you can implement TODAY to increase patient volume and practice income. The goal is to help you reach / serve more people with the chiropractic message of health and make a great living doing so.

These powerful strategies can be used anytime you want to significantly ramp-up your office “conversions.”

In case you’re not familiar, when I speak about conversions, I’m simply talking about new or existing patients that actually come-in to see you and pay.

Here are 5 strategies that work like magic:

1) Service and Product Bundles

Combine all of your in-office services / products together into one big package and offer it for an exclusive special lasting 48-72 hours. The last time we did this we created a nice $14,772 in cash collections in just a couple days!

2) Offer a 48-Hour Discount on ANY of Your Services.

Anytime you give your patients or email subscribers a deadline, you’re conversions can multiply fast! A 48-hour discount on your product is relatively simple to do and it gives people a reason to take action NOW!

Obviously, you don’t want to do this every other week. However, you can do it every 4-6 months to create a series
of patient volume and cash surges for the practice.

3) Release an Updated Version of Your Product

So many personal coaching clients I’ve worked with over the years have developed their own information products that can be easily sold online for extra passive income. These include everything from ebooks, audio courses, video trainings / DVD’s, iPhone apps, coaching programs, webinar trainings, etc.

If you’ve developed any one of these, you always want to be improving your products. But, this can also lead to increased sales as well. Anytime you release a new version of your product (like a 2.0), you can re-launch it to your patients and email subscribers.

4) Limited-Time Bonus

If you’re looking to increase patient volume / practice income and you’ve run out of ideas, then why not create a special time-limited bonus? You can offer that bonus to people who purchase within the next 24-48 hours. Almost instantly you’ll create new sales by doing this.

5) Event-Based Promos

As you might already know, marketing around events and themes can be a lot of FUN! Create new promotions every month on your calendar. Some examples might include Valentines Day, July 4th, New Years, Birthday Blowout, Groundhog Day, The Super Bowl, Back to School, etc…

With certainty, when you implement each of the strategies above, you’ll see a jump in practice revenue and weekly patient volume. Don’t let this practice-building information go to waste. Apply it today!

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