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7 Useful Tips to Getting More Facebook Page Fans

(This is a guest post by Samuel Awosolu. He has over 5 years experience in internet marketing and state-of -the-art web development. He blogs mostly about internet marketing, social media and creates tutorials on traffic generation for newbies. You can visit his website at www.traffic-is-king.com)

Facebook has become an important tool for chiropractors, real estate professionals, home business owners and other entrepreneurs to grow and market themselves. Many small businesses have now started using Facebook Fans Pages to communicate activities taking place in their business like an event, promotion, seminars, appreciation day, and other things of interest. Although most businesses recognize that using a Facebook Fan Page can be an effective medium to reach-out to potential customers and clients, many times they don’t see the number of fans increasing as they would like. This can cause a sense of frustration. So, I thought I’d give you 7 simple and effective ways of getting more fans:

1. Email signatures: This one is the simplest method which takes only 5 minutes or so to set up, but costs nothing and is quite effective. Include details about your Facebook fan page in your email signature, and every time you send an email out your signature will remind people of your Facebook fan page.

chiropractic social media2. Invitations to your mailing list: As a small business owner, you must already have a mailing list. Why not send an email to your list asking them to become your Facebook fan? This type of targeted mailing will help you get loads of Facebook fans from resources that you already have and can tap into easily.

3. Invite users to become Facebook fans in other emails: I applied for a Delta Sky Miles credit card recently, and was quite surprised to see that their confirmation email had a link to become their Facebook fan. At first, I was confused, but then I was impressed by their dedication to social media. Most businesses send confirmation emails about orders, and other such emails which only serve to inform their customer that the order has been shipped or that they have been approved for a credit card or something like that. Why not take this opportunity to ask them to join your Facebook fan page?

4. Ask your Twitter followers: This one is a no-brainer as well . You already have a lot of Twitter followers who are interested in what you have to say. Isn’t it natural that you ask them to become your Facebook fan too? Tweet out about your fan page and you will see good results over time.

5. Connect your website to your Facebook fan page: It is not realistic to believe that people will look-up your brand on Facebook on their own. You need to trigger that and a good way of doing that is by connecting your website to your Facebook fan page. Put a link on the sidebar or your blog to your Facebook fan page and you will see your number of fans trickle up every day.

6. Run contests: If you were planning to run contests or a give-away, why not add a condition of becoming your fan on Facebook and boost your social media marketing while you hand out freebies? Such events are a useful platform to give a one-time boost to fan numbers.

7. Join the fun: You could do all the above and still not get enough fans if you are not active on Facebook. You need to join the conversation, tag photos, post updates, and even post exclusive content. If people don’t feel that the community is engaging and alive they will give up on it.

Hopefully you will take immediate action on these tips and give your Facebook fan page a boost in the amount of friends that are engaged in your business activities.

(Here’s a bonus audio interview Samuel and I conducted awhile back that ties chiropractic social media to spreading your message rapidly through article marketing. Click Here to access it.)

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24 Responses to “7 Useful Tips to Getting More Facebook Page Fans”

  1. Kelly Rorick says:

    Great post! thanks for the tips!

  2. Good Post Matt,

  3. Great tips. I have already applied some.
    What is differnce between the fan page and having a group page?

  4. Samuel says:

    @Jan The biggest and most important difference is Facebook groups are not search-able through traditional search engines like Google. You can only search groups within Facebook. Fan pages ARE index-able by search engines and in Facebook. There are other things you can do with a fan page that you can’t do with a group like track your page via the Facebook Insight analytics, add blog and twitter feeds, etc. This makes fan pages a little more attractive to promote your business and brand.

  5. Matthew Loop says:

    Very good point, Sam. Thank you for the guest post 🙂

  6. Dr. Branden says:

    Great advice Matt and Sam! Keep the good info coming!

  7. Great advice Matt. I think Holly and I have instinctively followed all 5 rules for our 8 years in practice. I have 2 DC’s that I refer to when out of town but that’s it. It would be cool to have a neuro like you said or an Atlas Orthogonal DC around but we don’t. Keep the good stuff coming!

  8. Great ideas. Thank you!

  9. Olivia Jade says:

    Thanks for the post! I’m still wondering if I should make a Facebook page for my product and I guess it would do no harm in trying it out, especially because of the low costs involved. I also came across some simple tips on how to utilize Facebook well for marketing or branding

  10. Karen McMinn says:

    Being a fifties something I am trying to keep up with this generation of new style social interaction or “marketing”

  11. Matthew Loop says:

    Hi Karen … Stay posted to this blog for updates and review some of the other great content here. It will make your marketing much easier and fun!

  12. Awesome post Matt. Especially numbers 1 and 3. It’s almost dumb I haven’t done these things already but there are so many things that take my attention. Thanks for informing us on these easy internet marketing ideas.

  13. Hans Conser says:

    Thank you for this post, very helpful!

    Dr. Hans Conser
    Bozeman Chiropractor

    PS I love the helicopter, are you rated to fly it? I fly an RV-6A, but I love helicopters!

  14. Lynnea says:

    Matt, your tips for the new media are always spot-on. Keep up the great search and education series!

  15. Matthew Loop says:

    Thank you, Lynnea 🙂

  16. Ammy Green says:

    I could really use this technique. Thanks you so much for sharing this. People can make business through facebook, facebook is really useful and entertaining.

  17. Dan says:

    Good ideas. I think that it is also valid to note that if you decide to start using facebook and twitter you need to have a plan as to who or how you are going manage the communication with your audience in both of those forums. I think that a lot of people like the ideas of using these tools, but don’t think about what it means in terms of commitment on their part.

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