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Chiropractic Marketing Video Tips for Beginners

chiropractic marketing videoWhen chiropractors initially begin to promote their practices with web 2.0 chiropractic marketing, they usually have numerous questions about creating videos, converting, and submitting them. Here, I will lay down a blueprint that has worked really well for me in the past couple years in order for you to get on the fast-track to success. I covered some of these topics and much more in a groundbreaking, first-of-a-kind 45 minute teleseminar to my valued subscribers a few months back.

Chiropractic video marketing shouldn’t be a hassle, like some think it will be. When you have the right advice and proper hand to guide you, you can brand your practice more successfully than any of the competitors in your area.

Step 1 – Getting right down to business, you need to bring a video camera to your office and make a short video that gives the prospective patient a tour and introduction. It’s important to be as natural as possible and to not sound scripted. Pretend as though you’re speaking to the patient or to a close friend, as this will create warmth and comfort. Simply keep in mind that real people are watching this video, looking for answers, and evaluating whether or not they can trust you.

You can either go with a simple Flip video camera or get something with a flash or hard-drive memory. Most of the technology nowadays is very affordable and the quality is good. No need to go the high-definition route if the price it out of your reach. When I originally started making videos, I was using a simple Panasonic with a flash memory.

Step 2 – Once the first video is made, you need to upload it to your computer so that you can compress the video file if it needs it. Most newer video cameras have a USB cable that plugs-in to your computer and you can simply drag and drop the file from your camera to your desktop. After the video file is on your PC, there is a free standard program called Windows Movie Maker that you can use to compress the video. The reason why you would compress periodically is that often the video file is too big for sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Yahoo, DailyMotion, etc….

Step 3 – Before you compress your video, you may need to convert the video file. To give you an example, when I used my Panasonic camera, my “raw” file format was .MOD. Unfortunately, the video sharing networks mentioned above don’t readily accept this type of file so I used a free software called Any Video Converter to convert that file to a widely accepted Windows Media format.

Step 4 – After your video file is compressed and converted, then you’re ready to begin the editing process for your chiropractic marketing video. If you own a PC, Windows Movie Maker is the free editing program of choice. If you have a MAC, you’ll be using the iMovie feature. There should be video tutorials that help you in this process, and the finished video will look professional after you have edited it. This is very important to create credibility and class. You can do a search on YouTube for tutorials if you have any questions on how to use either programs.

Step 5 – Once the chiropractic marketing video is edited, it’s ready to be presented and shared on sites like YouTube for the maximum amount of viewer potential. There are 100+ video sharing sites that can showcase your video and help to increase the ranking and exposure of your contentand put your online chiropractic marketing on steroids. Think about getting 5 views per day on YouTube, and then think about getting the same on over 100 other sharing sites as well! Now that’s viral viewing and propagation at its best. If you’re going to market this way, you either “go BIG or go home!”

An inexpensive piece of mass video submission software that you can use to submit to over 90 websites with the click of a button is Traffic Geyser. The leverage this program provides is unparalleled and there’s nothing that even comes close to it on the market. This is also just the tip-of-the-iceberg as to one use aspect of it. If you at all value your time (and know how much you’re time is really worth), you won’t think twice about using this leverage-based program in your internet marketing. I’ve been using it for 2.5 years and literally crushing and DOMINATING the competition.

When you start to making these chiropractic marketing videos at least once or twice a week, and add patient testimonials on top of that, then your internet presence will soar in no time. Video marketing for chiropractors is no longer a hidden promotion strategy. It’s become essential in 2009 /2010, and more doctors are definitely taking notice. The longer you delay, the more you’ll miss out on the MASSIVE publicity and exposure that so many other chiropractors are seeing.

Continued success and I look forward to your comments ūüôā

– Matthew Loop

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  1. Joel Fortin says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I just join your dcincome club, i love it.

    I have a question for you, I don’t know if it’s a good place to ask you a question but I will try form here.

    About viral marketing software…do you think I should pay for it (97$) or try a free one.
    I just look at the Mike Filsaime’s software…do you think it is good for me?
    Thank you !

  2. .., Chiropractic practice is indeed growing now a day.. I am just wondering if there are any scientific basis with this? I am about to try it..

  3. Hey Matt-
    Loving all the info you provide…it IS gobs of info. I feel like I’m doing a lot but not seeing my Google ranking getting quite up there. Have made about 10-12 videos so far, mostly just up on Youtube but a couple thru TubeMogul. Blogging via Posterous and know I need to do a lot more commenting like this on the higher ranked sites. If there were one thing you’d say to put more effort into (or start doing), what would that be?

  4. Very good post.The information you have shared can be useful for all those who want to try the chiropractic treatment..

  5. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for all the great tips. Traffic Geyser is the bomb.

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