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Delta Airlines Complaint: How NOT to Treat Loyal Customers

This is a blog post I never really wanted to write. However, big companies in today’s world MUST understand the consequences of their decisions as well what it means to be held accountable for their actions (or inaction) in this case.

The truth is, I run several businesses myself, none of which are perfect.

I don’t think that consumers expect all companies to be flawless but they do expect brands to listen, accept responsibility and do the right thing when company errors occur.

There has to be some accountability and not just a “we’re untouchable” mentality.

Here’s an excerpt below of a press release that went live and has started to be distributed to hundreds of the country’s top news / media outlets.

Click the link below to view:

Delta Airlines Faces Potential Lawsuit For Alleged Neglect, Deliberately Misleading, and Mishandled Baggage

After you read this unbelievable article and watch the video, I’d be curious on your thoughts about the whole ordeal AND if you’ve had a similar bad experience with Delta Airlines.



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One Response to “Delta Airlines Complaint: How NOT to Treat Loyal Customers”

  1. henk says:

    Wow and i thought my experience was bad.
    I cant believe Delta treats his passengers like this. I Bought 2 tickets on to fly Amsterdam-Los Angeles-Honolulu-Salt Lake City- Chicago- Amsterdam. After booking Delta sent me an invoice which i agreed to and then charge my card for a higher amount then i agreed to.
    When i contacted them their only response was: Well you should have read our site better to see what costs we charge…..
    I was amazed! In my opinion you should sent me an invoice where all costs are mentioned. I decide to let it rest and go on my well deserved holiday…… Too bad this bad experience was just about to start. Every single flight i needed to get, i was not able to check-in online or at a kiosk. The agents were busy for almost an hour every time but werenot able to find out what the problem was with these confirmed tickets. In order to get me on board they just printed out a new ticket so they were able to check me in. This repeated every single flight, no excuses or what so ever! Like if this wasnot enough, they gave me non-reclinable seats from honolulu to Salt lake City, a 6hours+ flight! And on top of that i got my trolley back, shredded in pieces!

    Back home i complained and their only response: you need to go to your bank, hope to serve u again on your next trips? After several attempts this coordinator Mrs. B sent me a message that she wont be responding to my messages no longer.

    I mean, SERIOUSLY???? Is this the way Delta wants to get bigger and richer? Not on my account, luckily there are plenty of airlines out there more then willing to earn my respect and money.
    Never Delta again! Thanks for the experience tho.

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