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How to Initiate Relationships with Personal Injury Attorneys

(This is a guest post by veteran chiropractic marketing consultant, George Youssef. He’s been in marketing for over 12 years and has helped over 5,000 doctors. George has also worked with large multi-million dollar companies to get more customers and make record profits. He’s the president of Chiropractic Marketing Success.)

In dealing with attorneys, as in dealing with anyone else, the most important thing to keep in mind is to always keep things in terms of “What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?”

What this translates into is, what’s in it for the attorney to bother giving the referrals to you. In fact, he probably already has other doctors that he has preexisting relationships with, and who probably refer clients to him on occasion.

Regardless, here is what most Chiropractors do…

The doctor either sends a letter or calls up the attorney, invites him for lunch, and tells him how wonderful of a doctor he is, and how he can help the attorney’s patients feel better.

After thanking the doctor for lunch (of course the Chiropractor paid for lunch), the attorney promises that he’ll do what he can in getting the doctor a few referrals. The doctor goes back to the office excited at the prospect of getting a new source of PI patients.

Of course, the attorney rarely refers any patients, and the doctor is left frustrated and disappointed.

But let’s analyze this… why in the world did the attorney not refer any patients to the chiropractor in this scenario? Well, let’s see…

The doctor only talked to him about what the doctor is interested in… that being helping the patient to get better as soon as possible. The doctor automatically assumed that the attorney had the same agenda as himself. That is the difference between assumption and reality.

While it’s true that any halfway decent attorney cares about the well-being of their clients, as far as 90% of them are concerned, one doctor is as good as another.

What you have to do is talk about the interests of the attorney. So what ARE the interests of the attorney?

The attorney is interested in getting the biggest settlement for his client, and in turn getting the biggest commission for his pocketbook.

So for this purpose, his idea of the ideal doctor is someone who takes excellent notes, in case the situation turns to litigation, as well as a doctor who is comfortable and competent in going through a deposition or a court trial.

What you want to do is express to him that you are that doctor. The key to remember though is not only to appeal to this aspect, but also to the aspect of him caring for his clients, as he will want to feel that his decision is not only motivated by self-interest, but also the medical welfare of his client.

Of course there’s a lot more to getting attorneys to send you PI referrals on a regular basis, but what I shared above is the core knowledge that you must always keep in mind – talk to the attorney about what is important to him or her, not what is important to you.

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