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How to Report Google to the FTC for Filtering Reviews

This is one of those posts that I never wanted to write, but something needs to be done ASAP about Google filtering legitimate reviews. They’ve just gone too far and despite repeated attempts to contact them, they just don’t seem to give a damn.

My email inbox is stuffed each week from concerned business owners that either have a healthy percentage of their positive reviews removed, or that tell me their new customer ratings / comments aren’t showing.

Oddly enough, negative reviews hardly ever seem to get taken down.

You ever notice that?

Because this is such an important issue and is HURTING businesses a thousand times more than it helps to combat spam, there is no other choice but to report Google to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Recently, our friend Dr. Daniel Knowles sent me over a link that I thought was valuable.

It was about an auto-dealer that got mad as hell and decided he wasn’t going to take-it anymore!

When this man called the FTC, the consumer rep in the “Internet company complaints” department recommended that every business that’s been affected file a complaint since that will speed up this process because (in her words) this is unfair to business and to consumers.

This is a very good sign and it definitely offers hope for all of us that have been the recipient of unfair an continuous unwarranted review filtering.

So, how do you contact the FTC to file a complaint against Google?

Call (877) 382-4357. Also, use and to get to the Internet company complaints division.

Next, share this blog post with every business owner you have in your rolodex. The more that know where to go to file a complaint, the greater likelihood that massive action by the FTC will ensue and rapid reform will take-place.

Together, we won’t be able to be ignored by Google any longer.

After you read this and contact the FTC, be sure to check-out this post for the full story of what I mentioned above. Let’s make this critical change happen.

Who’s with me? Leave a comment below to make your voice heard.

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5 Responses to “How to Report Google to the FTC for Filtering Reviews”

  1. Matthew:

    I’m starting to hear from some of our clients that their reviews disappeared and are now starting to come back. Maybe there are other small businesses that have already reached out to the FTC and Google is starting to fel the pressure.

    Dr. Alan

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Yes, I know a few have sent-in complaints. It’s going to take a large group effort, though. Let’s hope something gets done quickly.

  3. Recently – patients have posted reviews but they just don’t show up period and noticed reviews have been taken down.
    Not sure if google wants you to send links to patients to write a review.
    Not sure what is going on.

  4. Hi everyone – I’ve had that problem in the past with YELP. I had a former disgruntled employee write negative reviews, but eventually it was taken down. When I moved my business’ location, I was disappointed that they would not allow me to retain my reviews. They claimed that my change of address requires a completely new account. Currently, I have one review on Google (which I am not actually able to read for some reason) as well as a photo that’s gotten attached to my listing. The photo is actually of another Doc in the area looking goofy – it’s not flattering. For over a YEAR, I’ve reported the photo and used every method I could think of to contact them (even cancelling my expensive Ad Words account in order to force them to contact me – no responses of course). At this point, Google is actually harming my business more than helping it!.

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