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Magic Words That Bring You New Patients And Money

(Today’s blog post is by Dr. Michael Beck. Dr. Beck took his practice from near bankruptcy to $30k a month using new strategies he learned from top marketing experts. Dr. Beck also is now an experienced copywriter and has written successful copy for very high conversion websites and newspaper ads. Find out more at

Words are a powerful tool in any chiropractor’s marketing arsenal. Whether you’re running an ad in the newspaper, creating a landing page for your website, or writing an email to patients, there are certain words that will drastically increase response. The purpose of most marketing you do is to bring in more new patients. And to do that effectively, you’ll need to use the 6 components of a good marketing letter.

#1. The Headline.

A headline is the “Ad for the ad”. Marketing guru Dan Kennedy calls it the “most valuable real estate” on your website. If your headline is good, people will keep reading. If it’s terrible, visitors will hit the back button and look for another website. Here are the keys to writing a good headline. (You shouldn’t use all of them every time, but try to use as many as possible.)

  • – Build curiosity
  • – Offer hope
  • – Use a provocative statement
  • – Makes “news”
  • – Appeal to the emotions
  • – Calls out to a specific target patient (by using a problem they are suffering with)
  • – Uses specifics
  • – Needs to answer: so what, who cares, what’s in it for me

Thankfully, there are winning headline templates that have been tested over the years.

We can use these templates easily for our own chiropractic purposes. Let’s look at a few…

-How To/How You. Example: “How To Get Rid Of Your Back Pain Once And For All” – this is a great headline, as it makes news, builds curiosity, and offers hope.

-Story—How <crazy thing> <lead to outcome they want>. Example: “How A Near Deadly Car Accident Fixed My Headaches” – you would then go on to talk about how the accident lead you to chiropractic, which fixed your headaches that you had been having since childhood. This could be used as a testimonial type headline too, from a patient you have had.

-Without Pain–<Benefit> Without <Pain/Hassle/What they don’t want>. Ex: “Get Rid Of Sciatic Pain without Dangerous Drugs and Harmful Surgery!”

-If…Then—If you are <type of person/benefit looking for> then <benefit>. Ex: “If You Are Suffering From Fibromyalgia, Then You Must Read This!”

Authority Headline—When <expert has problem>-This is What They Do. Ex. “When Doctors Hurt, This Is What They Do”.

Who Else…Who Else Want <Benefits>? Ex. “Who Else Wants To Play Golf Without Back Pain?”

# Reasons Why—Here are <# reasons> why you should <do/buy/try something>. Ex: “Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should See Dr. Smith This Week”

Discover—Discover, Scientists Discover Amazing. Ex. “Discover the New Sciatic Treatment”

Which—Which of These <Options Do You Want>? or Which of These <Pains/conditions you suffer from>?

#2. The Opening

The opening is what comes after the headline. This is where you can really pique the

interest of your reader and transition them into a compelling offer. Here are a few ways to

open your copy:

· Use a question – Have you been suffering with headaches for years?

· Preview – I’m about to show you 7 ways to live a healthier life.

· Expand on the headline – Never before has there been a safer, easier way to get rid

of sciatic pain.

· If…then – If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, this webpage could be the most

important thing you read all year.

· Short and curiosity provoking – Yes, you really can…, or “Let’s face it…”

· My name is – My name is Dr. Michael Beck. I’m a chiropractor.

· I’m so excited – I’m excited about something very important, and I wanted to share

it with you immediately.

· I have a problem – It was a mistake. Somebody in my office goofed and ordered

the wrong amount of x-ray film. (This one would be good in an email to your list of

prospects that haven’t come in yet.)

· Story – It was a beautiful late summer afternoon, 3 years ago, when my

excruciating back pain finally went away.

#3. The Offer

The offer is where you explain what you are going to give the patient at a certain price. In most cases, the higher the cost the better the quality of the patient is going to be. By quality I mean more open to your recommendations, easier to convert to care, and overall a better patient.

For example, if you have a $49 offer for an evaluation you’re going to find a better quality patient than you would if you ran an ad for $15. It may not sound like a big difference (and it’s really not when it comes to healthcare), but it can be to those patients who would waste your time and never start care. If you lower the price to $15, you would get more patients, but you’re going to also notice a lot of just freebie seekers. A general rule is $20 or less, your quality is going to drastically drop.

#4. Proof, Stories, or Testimonials

This one is very important. You need to prove to your visitor or reader that you can do

what it is that you are promising. There are many ways to prove your point, but the most

effective for our purposes are the use of testimonials.

If it’s legal in your state (most states it is), then you should be using testimonials for all

they’re worth.

Where should you put testimonials?

On a landing page, they should be used to prove a point, ie. where an objection might

come up for the reader and at the end of your landing page.

You can and should also use your personal story when applicable. Do you have a story of why you got into chiropractic? Use it in your emails and landing page if you can. Pictures and videos also serve as great proof. We’ll be covering videos in a future lesson. But for now, you can film your patient’s testimonials as a video or have their picture beside them on your webpage.

#5. Call to action

Here’s where many chiropractors drop the ball. They go to great lengths to write an ad or pay someone to do a webpage, even have a compelling offer, but then fall short on the call to action.

This is where you spell it out to them, telling them exactly what to do.

For example, on your website you might say “Fill in the form below to instantly receive access to these back pain relief strategies.” This sounds simple enough, but if you hadn’t put that one line in there, many people would not have followed through and performed the “action” we want them to.

#6. P.S.

A P.S. (post script) is that short sentence or two you find after a person’s signature in a letter. It is commonly said in copywriting circles that many people scroll down to the your P.S. and read it second, after your headline. These can work well in your autoresponder sequences or your broadcast emails. An example that you could use is…

· Spur action now –  “P.S. Remember, due to our busy schedule, there are only 5 spots available this week. Don’t delay – call xxx-xxx-xxxx and speak with Susie today!”

Now you know the basics of writing a good marketing letter. Sure, you can study more advanced material and get even better results, but if you use the above templates you’ll be light years ahead of any other chiropractor in your town.

If you’d like to learn more about copywriting, check out these great books…

Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso

Magic Words That Bring You Riches by Ted Nicholas

Advertising Secrets Of The Written Word by Joseph Sugarman

The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy
Find out more about Dr. Michael Beck and his Ads that work for Chiropractors at

About the Author

Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps brands, startups, and small business owners multiply their influence, impact, and income by harnessing the power of the Internet. Since 2005 he’s trained over 21,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions have viewed his free business growth tutorials online. Connect with him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


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