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Mentally Tough Chiropractors Have These 8 Things in Common

Sometimes it’s hard to keep pushing forward when life isn’t going well. When you’re not making the impact you know you’re capable of, not generating much revenue for the practice, have very few friends that can relate, it’s tempting to just throw in the towel.

I think many chiropractors feel this way at one point or another in their career. However, what if I told you that some DC’s went through even worse times and succeeded?

I’m serious.

Some older chiropractors were actually jailed for practicing chiropractic. A few names that come to mind are Herbert Ross Reaver, Fred Courtney, DD Palmer, and Mildred Creveling.

Many others were put on trial during the AMA witch hunts from the 1920’s to the 1970’s.

So, how did these docs overcome adversity?

They became mentally tough.

Strong minded. They bounced back after they were knocked to the ground. They controlled their thoughts, emotions, and reactions when life gave them a terrible surprise. They fought hard even when the chips were down.

Just like anything else fortitude can be learned. Here are the eight common denominators of mentally tough chiropractors.

They Don’t Have a Attitude of Entitlement

The world owes us nothing. Accept it. We’re not entitled to make $100,000 per year fresh out of school. We’re not even entitled to food on our table or clothes on our back. If you want to experience tremendous success and live the good life, you’re going to have to work intelligently for it.

They Take Responsibility and Never Fall Victim to Circumstance

Mentally tough chiropractors don’t blame circumstances or everyone else for their problems. Tell me every reason why you “can’t”or that it’s “impossible” and I’ll show you doctors that overcame far worse hardships than you who are now winning big. YOU are responsible for your life. YOU are responsible for the choices you make. If you don’t like where you’re at right now then make better choices moving forward.

Life isn’t all roses and rainbows. Plan, prepare, take the challenges in stride, and expect adversity to come your way. Be unstoppable when pursuing your goals. If you get sucker punched and fall, get up. This challenge is what you needed at this point in your life in order to grow.

They Don’t Whine or Pity Themselves

Many of us get caught in moments of despair. However, mentally tough chiropractors don’t stay there long. Before you know it, they’re on their feet again and working hard to create a positive impact their community. Whining, complaining, and self pity are toxic. A simple shift in perspective can open up the bright side of any situation you face.

They Understand Nothing Stays the Same

Change is inevitable. The mentally tough chiropractor expects this and plans accordingly. State law updates, insurance reimbursement (or lack thereof), attracting new patients from evolved Internet platforms like Facebook, etc. Our society and environment are dynamic. You either adapt or perish. There’s no point in crying about it.

They Never Give Up

Strong minded chiropractors are motivated by their higher purpose. They are relentless and persevere no matter how many times they miss the mark. They have a deep burning desire to help as many people is possible and educate their communities about real health.

They Don’t Let the Past Hold Them Back

We’ve all had terrible times in our life but you know what? We can’t change the past. We are the sum of our life experiences good and bad. Mentally tough DC’s come to terms with the things they cannot change and focus intently on those things they can. Some stuff is in our control, other stuff not so much. Let go of the baggage you can’t control and don’t use it as a scapegoat for why you aren’t where you want to be.

They’re Immune to Criticism

If you’re trying to accomplish anything worthwhile in the world you’re going to have critics. If you don’t have haters you’re not playing a big enough game. Let’s face it, there are still many people that do not know what chiropractic is. Some people are uninformed. Some are willfully ignorant. Others are paid by private interest groups to go around and troll / slander.

Regardless of the attacks, mentally tough doctors do not let small minded opinions influence them. The doc understands that he / she is in control of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

They Expect Failure Before Success

There’s no getting away from it. Rejection and failure are an inevitable part of the journey. Resilient chiropractors don’t get discouraged by this. They expect some losses along the way. The only way you can truly appreciate success is through failure. It puts things in perspective.

It’s time to step up your game.

Which one of these things will you get better at today? Leave a comment below.

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