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SMS Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses – Part I

This blog post is one of a two-part series where I wanted to do to provide some insight as to where marketing for chiropractors and other small businesses is heading in 2010 and beyond. Based on a tremendous amount of market research and speaking with many marketing industry leaders, it’s become clear what the next big thing is. I firmly believe it’s SMS mobile marketing. Let me explain further…

Mobile marketing, according to Wikipedia, is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.

iphone_upright_21Text messaging , synonymously referred to as SMS (short message service), has taken-off in massive proportions here in the United States in the past few years. Roughly 3.5 billion text messages are sent / received daily! To put it in perspective, that trumps the number of cellphone calls made and is a threefold leap from 2007. On a related note, the biggest increase occurred in people 30 years and older!

For the time being, SMS is relatively untapped, uncluttered and a spam-free mobile marketing medium.

Also, it’s the only form of communication that many individuals are fastened to 24 hours / day. This perfectly explains why, in an era where email in-boxes fill with hundreds of never-opened messages from direct marketers, 97 % of all SMS mobile marketing messages are eventually opened, according to the latest cell-company research! In fact, 83% of those are opened within the first hour.

Jeff Lee, president of Distributive Networks, recently stated in the NY Times, “I like to think of it as the certified mail of digital communications. When you want to be sure people see something, send it by text.”

As it stands right now, only some of the most powerful people / organizations in the world have been using this mobile marketing medium. President Obama and his campaign team incorporated text message marketing to rake-in big donations quickly.

You’ll find major athletic teams using mobile marketing to sell tickets and high-end businesses using it to keep in touch with customers. That is going to change soon, though, as SMS for small businesses is fast approaching.

Here’s a quick, eye-opening video I put together about mobile marketing for small businesses.

Watch it now and let me know your thoughts! Also, make sure you grab your 7 day free trial of the text marketing platform so many are raving about at … Enjoy 🙂

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15 Responses to “SMS Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses – Part I”

  1. Dr. Loop,

    My office has been using boomtext for appointment reminders, it works great. Thanks for the great post on mobile marketing.

    Todd P. Sullivan, DC

  2. Dr. Branden says:

    Awesome post doc!

  3. Lynn Kerew says:

    Hi Matt, will you be including this with ASN at some point? As are cutting you know I work with EA Mobile so wonder if they will be a part of this..? Thx, Lynn

  4. Samuel says:

    Mobile marketing should be in everyone’s strategy with those statics. Great insight on what will be the future of marketing.

  5. Matthew Loop says:

    Awesome Todd! Thanks 🙂

  6. Matthew Loop says:

    Thank you Branden, Sam! Lynn… Integration may happen in the future but we’ll see 🙂

  7. Gene says:

    What are the logistics when it comes to Mobile Devise marketing? How is this accomplished, by what mechanism? Otherwise another excellent presentation, as always.

  8. I am a regular reader of your blog and would just like to say thank you! I am due to start my own

  9. steve says:

    Hi i am based in the uk how do i get started on this here in the UK any ideas please thanks Matt, kind regards Stephen.

  10. Bijan says:

    Mathew, your SMS mobile text marketing post is a real eye-opener! I am going to repost it to our blog!

  11. Matthew Loop says:

    Thank you, Bijan… If you like this, wait until you see what I’m rolling out in a couple weeks! Keep checking back on my blog for more details.

  12. Victor says:

    Excellent article Matthew, companies are now creating divisions for mobile marketing to gain market visibility especially when millions of people use their phones all across the world. Not to mention take a bite out of a billion dollar industry.

  13. DocCal says:

    Great Post. Great blog in general. We’ll also be offering SMS Appointment Reminders with our software because it’s a very effective way to communicate with patients. Easier than having to make that phone call, and can be read whenever the recipient desires.

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