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3 Ways to Add an EXTRA $100,000 in Recurring Income this Year

3 Ways to Add an EXTRA $100,000 in Recurring Income this Year

Have you set and solidified your goals for the New Year yet? If so, I would imagine that one of them is to earn more money, right? Well, this blog post is going to reveal 3 powerful and PROVEN ways to generate an extra six figures in recurring income this year. I’ve done it many […]

5 Reasons I Don’t do MLM or Network Marketing

5 Reasons I Don't do MLM or Network Marketing

Several times per week I’m sent an offer by a fellow chiropractor or business owner, wanting me to have a look at a new product they’re promoting. When I do my research, I usually find the majority fall into the MLM / networking marketing realm. Let me first say, I’m all for creating PASSIVE income. […]

Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group REVIEW

Before you join Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group, watch this revealing video first. In it, you’ll learn what to expect, what not to expect and if this community is really right for you. This is an uncensored sneak peek of the members area. I’ve been devouring the content for the past few weeks and am now […]

Affiliate Marketing Questions Answered

Here’s a quick video I put together answering the biggest questions about affiliate marketing for chiropractors and entrepreneurs. I also wanted to clear up some misconceptions that have been floating around in regards to this popular type of online marketing. It doesn’t matter if you already have a mega-successful chiropractic office or if you’re just […]