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5 Reasons I Don’t do MLM or Network Marketing

Several times per week I’m sent an offer by a fellow chiropractor or business owner, wanting me to have a look at a new product they’re promoting. When I do my research, I usually find the majority fall into the MLM / networking marketing realm.

Let me first say, I’m all for creating PASSIVE income. If you’ve followed me or this blog over the years, you know helping others duplicate what I’ve done (build 5 figure / month passive income streams from the internet) is a strong passion of mine.

I don’t have anything against MLM but there are better, easier, and hassle-free ways to generate dramatically large amounts of sustainable recurring revenue. Here are just a few reasons I don’t do MLM or Network Marketing:

1) You typically have to “recruit” others and there’s usually a substantial amount of face-to-face time required.

Time is money and it’s the one thing you cannot get back. I strongly value my time so I guard it militantly. I’d rather participate in high-leverage activities that allow me to exponentially multiply my income faster, like sending simple emails to my list that generate more referrals and healthy recurring checks.

You see, I’ve developed this unique, highly-sought-after ability to create a 24/7 internet marketing funnel that generates an avalanche of traffic and sales.

It’s not something I have to think about all the time once the systems are in place. No face time is required and the ability to scale large is much greater than being involved with a network marketing company. There are also no pep-rally calls needed.

2) Many times (not all) you have inventory to stock.

This is just a pain. It’s hard to justify this one after having massive success on the internet where products can be digitally delivered. That’s right, no shipping costs, handling, or handing-out samples. It’s a great thing and I’ve been spoiled.

3) Sometimes you process payments yourself.

I come from a world of automation and seamless systems. Every product or service I’ve developed / promoted is processed easily online by the actual customer buying the product. This is work others should be doing for you, not you doing yourself.

4) There’s so much red tape when it comes to marketing, ESPECIALLY via the internet.

Every piece of content needs to be cleared by legal departments with MLM and Network Marketing companies. Also, not everything they tell you or advertise to members is allowed to be promoted, especially things like celebrity endorsements.

Should you choose to pursue network marketing and attempt to do online / social marketing, you need to see what you can and cannot do. Expect your hands to be tied in some way, shape, or form. Personally, I like to be my own boss and not have to worry about restrictions

5) Way too much hand-holding and unnecessary phone time.

A lot of tire-kickers enter MLM’s because the cost barrier of entry is so low. Sometimes you end-up being more of a psychotherapist than a coach… lol. No thanks. Again, time is money and it’s hard to justify spending time on those individuals that aren’t committed.

So, What’s the Best Way to Generate Recurring Passive Income?

I’m convinced, based on my own personal experience and working with a few thousand clients, that “information marketing” online is the best. It provides the fastest and easiest way to build RELIABLE passive income streams that consistently produce month after month.

Information marketing includes creating and selling your own products like ebooks, instruction manuals, video trainings, webinars, audio courses, software, iPhone apps, consulting services, seminars, etc.

This is where you build YOUR brand and a large fan-following that knows, likes, and trusts you.

When you successfully accomplish this like what’s happened to me, you can then work strategically with others and do joint venture affiliate partnerships which exponentially multiply your income in record time (much faster than MLM).

See the video below for a cool case study of how I made $5,052 with two emails I sent to my list in a span of just 3 days. Click the play button now to see real physical proof.

It took a couple minutes to throw these emails together. This was an affiliate promotion of a service that I personally use and I knew that my peeps could benefit like I have. I should also point out, getting paid like this for sending emails is an all too regular occurrence.

Seriously think about this.

What if you had the skill-set, tools, resources, and connections to duplicate this “push-button” payday system? How would this dramatically change your life?

I can tell you that information marketing has been life-changing for me (personally and professionally), hence the reason I’m committed to showing others how to clone my success. Interested in learning how to generate a healthy 5 figure / month passive, recurring income you couldn’t turn-off even if you wanted to? If so, here are the two best options:

1) Meet me in the exquisite Caribbean paradise of  Turks and Caicos April 20th – April 22nd. Click this link to view the details of this highly exclusive experience and to see if you qualify.

2) Apply to work one-on-one directly with me. At this link you’ll find all of the personal coaching details. Be warned, spots are very limited.

Hopefully, this post cleared up the main reasons why I don’t participate in network marketing. I’ve just found a better, easier and more lucrative business model that brings-in vast amounts of passive income. Not to mention you can leverage yourself better without a whole lot of effort.

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