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Why Chiropractors MUST Build Wealth (and how to do it)

Why Chiropractors MUST Build Wealth (and how to do it)

Wealth is predictable when you do things in a certain way. Wallace Wattles illustrated this point perfectly in The Science of Getting Rich. Most chiropractors have the strong desire to reach and transform as many lives as possible each day. But, what many don’t realize is that you can connect with infinitely more people in […]

5 Reasons I Don’t do MLM or Network Marketing

5 Reasons I Don't do MLM or Network Marketing

Several times per week I’m sent an offer by a fellow chiropractor or business owner, wanting me to have a look at a new product they’re promoting. When I do my research, I usually find the majority fall into the MLM / networking marketing realm. Let me first say, I’m all for creating PASSIVE income. […]

A Revealing Look Into My Online Income Portfolio

A Revealing Look Into My Online Income Portfolio

One of the frequently asked questions I always get from fellow chiropractors and professionals is, “How many sources of additional internet income have you set-up on top of your practice AND where does the money come from?” First, I’d like to address why it’s imperative to have multiple sources of income on top of your […]

How to Make Money Online and Get Rich Quicker

I think one would be hard-pressed to find two keyword phrases that inspire so much skepticism,  suspicion and scam-related apprehension as the words “make money online” and “get rich quick.” The point of this blog post is not to explain the psychology or reasons for negative connotations associated but to get you to think about […]

YOU Everywhere Now: Mike Koenigs Shares the Secret

This is the 2nd guest blog post by mover, shaker, and information marketing mogul, Mike Koenigs. If you missed his initial eye-opening post, you’ll want to watch the video ASAP here. Mike has been very generous to create and share a series of videos just for my valued readers like yourself. He has served as a […]

Internet Marketing Seminar

Here’s a powerful presentation I gave at Gwinnett Convention Center to over 500 business owners and entrepreneurs about making a fortune with information and affiliate marketing. It’s a great feeling to be able to take my laptop anywhere in the world and conduct business on my own time. If done correctly, building your own online […]