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Why Chiropractors MUST Build Wealth (and how to do it)

Wealth is predictable when you do things in a certain way. Wallace Wattles illustrated this point perfectly in The Science of Getting Rich. Most chiropractors have the strong desire to reach and transform as many lives as possible each day. But, what many don’t realize is that you can connect with infinitely more people in the community when you’re wealthy.

There is a directly proportional relationship between the money in your business bank account and the amount of people that will potentially hear your chiropractic story of health.

Don’t believe me?

Let me ask you this.

How is it that Big Pharma is able to run television commercials 24/7 and hypnotize the masses into believing they need a synthetic drug for every ailment?

It’s because they’re a multi-billion dollar industry. They bought public opinion long ago and reached critical mass.

They consistently inundate the majority with “toxic sludge is good for you” advertisements and people believe what they see. The constant repetition effectively shapes perception and attitudes.

The truth is, if chiropractic as a profession had great wealth, we could do the same and get noticed fast.

We could buy speed, as they say…

I’m sure you’d agree that if pro-chiropractic commercials were running non-stop on the radio and TV, the public would get the RIGHT opinion and the BIG idea of chiropractic. We’d be a trusted household name in no time.

Take a look at some of the most prominent leaders in chiropractic, past and present. One of the most common things that stands-out is that they’re wealthy. This is not a coincidence. Their fortune enables them to massively contribute.

BJ Palmer is a great example of this. He understood, like most of us do, that the acquisition of money is NOT the end. It’s an essential and important means to an end, though. It allows you to provide your service and spread your message way beyond your physical means

So, how do you as a chiropractor build REAL wealth?

Here are 9 key points that are absolutely critical if you ever want to have a financial break-through in your personal and professional life.

1. Study and immerse yourself in personal development.

You must internally grow before you can ever hope to fully grow in practice and life. The amount you develop yourself is many times proportional to the income you generate. We have a lot of broke-minded doctors in chiropractic. It’s near impossible to attract prosperity if you have a mindset of lack, limitation, and scarcity.

2. Know “why” you do what you do.

You must have a strong purpose and be committed to making a difference every day. The enthusiasm and passion you carry will propel you to bring abundance into your life. When patients know your authentic “why,” they’ll be more likely to do business with you longer and refer others.

3. Create enormous value in practice so you can charge what the spinal adjustment is worth.

Strive to create 10x in value for any price you charge. Your income is ALWAYS proportionate to the value you provide. The truth is, you must charge a premium price so you have a large margin to provide an extraordinary value and experience.

4. Associate with other wealthy chiropractors.

Mastermind and collaborate with other smart chiropractors that are financially doing well. They are thinking in unconventional ways and will help accelerate your thinking and practice growth. They also might just expose you to investment opportunities that help you become part of the top 1%.

5. Take your message to the mass public with information marketing.

There’s no better way to get the chiropractic story and message of health to the public than through digital products like downloadable ebooks, audio trainings, video courses, coaching programs, iPhone apps, etc.

If done correctly with professional help, this “lateral” way of thinking is essential in creating passive, sustainable income. Chiropractic is much to important to stay local. Think bigger, Doc.

6. Make your practice and patient experience FUN.

From the time a patient walks through the door to when they leave, they should be given a memorable experience. Pay attention to the small details and go through every aspect of the practice to incorporate fun stuff.

7. Always go back to your current patients with exceptional offers.

You should be continuously thinking of ways to offer more value in the office to give patients / clients what they’re already looking for. This makes them want to spend more money. It’s MUCH less expensive to make offers to happy patients than go find new ones.

8. Become a master of communication and marketing.

Leverage your marketing activities exponentially by using direct response strategies and testing. Measure and track all of it so you know what’s working and what’s not. The more you understand how to communicate with the patient’s wants and needs, easier it will be to increase the amount you serve and retain.

9. Pay it forward.

Commit to taking a percentage of the practice revenue and make a difference. When this becomes a habit like eating dinner, pretty soon the big checks won’t be so scary to write. If you think you’re unable to donate a percentage of your revenue, simply raise your price.

What do you think?? Agree or Disagree? Would you add anything else?

Leave a comment below to let the community know.

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  1. Great article. I agree whole heartedly. The e-myth put that next layer of big thinking on for me.

  2. Terry says:

    Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise! Like LH says. A multiple locations maximize your ads!

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