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Social Media Marketing Expert Speaks in the Dominican Republic

Social Media Marketing Expert Speaks in the Dominican Republic

In this video, Dr. Matthew Loop takes you to the beautiful and exotic island of Dominican Republic. This is a speaking clip at the Paradisus Punta Cana resort where the Ultimate Caribbean Adventure Mastermind was hosted. The big 3 topics that were discussed were: 1) How to attract 2-3x MORE new customers / clients with […]

Social Media Revenue Strategist, Dr. Matthew Loop, Speaks in Cali

Social Media Revenue Strategist, Dr. Matthew Loop, Speaks in Cali

Here’s a quick video of me speaking at The Functional Medicine Success Summit in Costa Mesa, CA. I share how to get more clients and sales from the internet WITHOUT spending any money on advertising. For booking inquiries, please email to see if you qualify. You can also visit the media / speaking tab […]

BEWARE of This Social Media Marketing Lie

BEWARE of This Social Media Marketing Lie

In this eye-opening video, you’ll discover the #1 social media marketing myth most businesses are still buying into. Believing this lie costs you tremendous amounts of time, wastes your money and keeps you spinning your wheels indefinitely. Unlike what many have been told, there is NO direct proportional relationship to this common social networking activity […]

Atlanta Social Media Consultant Speaks to Over 100 Doctors

Here’s a quick video clip of me presenting in Toronto at “Prosperity.” If you were unable to attend this powerful chiropractic practice marketing seminar in Toronto, you definitely missed-out! The phenomenal line-up of speakers included Dr. Pat Gentempo, Dr. Mike Reid, myself, Dr. Billy DeMoss, and a few others. Everything was FRESH and current, as […]

Too Old to Use Social Media in Your Chiropractic Practice?

Hands down, one of the BIGGEST excuses chiropractors tell themselves regularly is that they’re too old to use social media to market their practice. This doesn’t just plague the chiropractic profession, though. It’s probably one of the most common questions I get at seminars and live events. The real reason business owners are apprehensive initially […]

3 Reasons to NEVER Hire a Social Media Manager

This might be a controversial blog post for some but someone needs to point it out. Social media “experts” are a dime-a-dozen these days. Businesses need to be very careful who they select based on the outcome they’re looking for. Here are 3 reasons why you should NEVER hire a traditional social media manager. 1) […]

Is Pride Killing your Business?

This short post is a result of what I’ve observed over the last 5 years of consulting. After working with a few thousand business professionals to generate more customers, increase company revenue, and teach them how to create additional streams of income from the internet, I’ve noticed apprehension by some. The majority of this skepticism […]

Local Search Marketing WARNING!

Discover the ugly truth that local search marketing online directories would rather you NOT know. Before you select a local business marketing company that promises you the world, definitely watch this first.     — Did you like this video? If so, click the Facebook “like” button below and share it with your friends! Related […]