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Is Pride Killing your Business?

This short post is a result of what I’ve observed over the last 5 years of consulting. After working with a few thousand business professionals to generate more customers, increase company revenue, and teach them how to create additional streams of income from the internet, I’ve noticed apprehension by some.

The majority of this skepticism usually comes from business owners over 50 years of age. Too a certain degree, I may be able to understand where they’re coming from.

Being a 32 year old internet success story has had many benefits but it’s also had some drawbacks. But, probably not for the reason you might be thinking. Not being able to sometimes reach and transform the lives of the people you most want is what’s unfortunate.

My family is notorious for this…

It’s like I want to help them live better to their FULLEST potential but they still look at me as little Matthew and have their own sense of pride.

I kind of have the same feeling about much of the older population. Many times, they are the ones that urgently need help the most but their pride sometimes gets in the way.

The unspoken attitude I’ve observed from some goes something like this… “What could this young punk kid possibly teaching me about growing my business so I can live the life I really want?”

I realize it may be hard for one that’s been in business for 20-30 years to learn from a young guy that may appear less experienced on the surface.

However, this is where it’s important to really look at specialization and the age of the marketing technique in question.

You must break-down your business / practice into several different components then, depending on where and how you want to grow, then seek specialists in those areas.

It’s interesting, in the internet marketing space, a large portion of the industry is comprised of those 35 or younger. I’ve met a handful of software developers that are in their early twenty’s that are making over $3,000 / day in the iTunes app store and online!

In the chiropractic industry, I started to get widely noticed for my social media and internet marketing systems when I was just 27. Once I began to reach out to other consultants to attempt to partner, most just blew me off initially.

Coincidentally, most chiropractic marketing coaches were above the age of 50. What could they possibly learn from a young guy jibber-jabbing about “FaceSpace, BoobTube, social huhh?”

The bottom line is this.

Use marketing specific experience and income generated as a measuring stick when deciding who to learn from, regardless of age. I strongly recommend you do the same. It doesn’t matter what market you service.

Experience will vary depending how long the industry has been around, too.

For example, if you wanted to learn how to build iPhone apps and market them successfully, then you’d find someone that was literally involved since the start of the app movement, which is only a couple years old.

It would be unrealistic to look for a programmer with 20 years of experience in mobile apps for the obvious reason.

Do yourself a favor right now.

Put your pride on the shelf and seek-out / learn from the A-players that are making it happen. Do what it takes and don’t be close-minded about learning from someone might be half your age. Results are what matter most!

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2 Responses to “Is Pride Killing your Business?”

  1. The older crowd, while coming around with technology use, is slower to understand internet optimization and the like. You are certainly doing your part.

  2. Sounds about right. It is hard being a prophet in your own town. Can’t cram new wine in an old bottle filled with ideas of the old ways.

    Hopefully 40 isn’t too late to learn a thing or two about the Internet and making it work in my favor. 🙂

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