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Chiropractic Marketing SEO Case Study

Here’s a short, powerful case-study video of one of my chiropractor coaching clients that’s dominating his local online landscape with my help. He has such an UNFAIR competitive advantage right now it’s ridiculous. In the video, you’ll see why.

Proven strategy + action = Predictable RESULTS. Click the play button below now.

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About the Author

Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps brands, startups, and small business owners multiply their influence, impact, and income by harnessing the power of the Internet. Since 2005 he’s trained over 21,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions have viewed his free business growth tutorials online. Connect with him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


9 Responses to “Chiropractic Marketing SEO Case Study”

  1. I have used Matt’s system for the past 2 years and have dominated my local search since. It’s literally and step by step process he teaches. I wish he had the added bonuses like the free 100 quality links back when I started to get things kicking.

    Probably the best investment in practice marketing I made.

  2. I wanted to know if you had someone in the San Fran area for a client as I’ve heard you only work with one person in an area at any one time. Garret

  3. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks Russell! … Dr. Garret, San Fran is a big city but I’m usually only exclusive per zip-code. Go ahead and send me an email with your zip and I’ll we can have a look.

  4. Matt, I have been using your suggestions and doing very well with the local market. There is a local group (DC, massage, Acup, Rolfer) in Boulder that uses a Thailand-based link building company. I know this because I use Market Samurai and researched it. Can you beat him? My zip is 80301.

  5. Matthew Loop says:

    Doug… Yes, I can beat that. Anywhere I laser-target my SEO efforts online, I rank my clients and I at #1 every time.

  6. Dr. Beckner says:

    Hi Matt,
    Good stuff you are doing. My thoughts and concerns however for most chiropractors watching this is that they will become mesmerized by the First Page Google Listings almost as the “awe” of seeing their name in bright shiny lights on the downtown marquee. What do you know of as it relates to how many actual consults are coming in these chiropractors doors directly from these first page listings? I continually see the “show” from chiropractors as to their excitement of being listed on first page of Google and Google Maps but rarely see anything substantial related to the amount of new patient consults that are directly related to these types of listings especially with search terms that include “chiropractor”. Just curious what your thoughts are around actual patient generation vs simply “clicks”, “visitors” and “traffic”. We both know you can’t deposit clicks in to the bank we can only deposit money!

  7. Matthew Loop says:

    Dr. Beckner… 1st page Google listings are a fraction of what you must have to get consistent new patients and make a healthy income from the web. I’ve been saying that since 2005. I can’t help what other inexperienced “consultants” teach and do. It’s not the only thing but it is essential.

    So many newbie consultants are springing-up and have never actually built a successful brick and mortar business using the internet.

    That’s kind of like going to a gynecologist for a brain tumor…. not a good decision and doesn’t make sense. Chiropractors and other professionals should really do more research before selecting someone to handle their marketing so part of the blame is in their court.

    These idiot consultants typically don’t give doctors the whole story either. Many chiropractors still don’t know how to use Analytics to measure important web stats objectively. Anyone that doesn’t show you how to measure your analytics for yourself should immediately throw up a red flag.

    If you’re referring to the organic listings on Google, you must blanket dozens of keywords / variations online so that you’re everywhere and anywhere a potential patient would look. That builds social proof like crazy so that you’re the ONLY choice. The video case study above gives you a sample. When a few more months roll by, his presence will exponentially increase.

    You not only want to be #1 for dozens of terms (over 70% of all clicks go to the top spot) and Google Maps, you want to blanket the first pages of terms that people are searching

    Conversion is separate from traffic. Clicks and traffic do not equal new patients. Your website and follow-up system has to actually get people to pick up the phone and call you. 90% of docs drop the ball here.

    That being said, anyone that I’ve personally worked with that I’ve helped get 20+ new patients / month from the web has always had a ramp-up time. There’s no overnight magic bullet for internet practice marketing. Most will give-up way too early since they’re instant gratification oriented.

    It’s important to meet potential patients / customers where they are… and they’re definitely online.

  8. Dr. Matt,

    What’s the easiest way to have patients who aren’t totally internet literate write reviews? I’ve had several patients that said they would, but didn’t. Then they told me that they couldn’t figure out how to do it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Todd W. Austin, D.C.

  9. Matthew Loop says:

    He Todd… You may want to create a simple video tutorial for them walking them through exactly how to do it. Sometimes people need to be lead by the hand, step-by-step.

    Another option is to have a laptop in your reception area or nearby. Then each client can login to their Google account and post a review.

    If you’re concerned about Google’s filter, then use CitySearch to have them write reviews. All of their reviews usually transfer over to Google Places if the listings are exactly the same.

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