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14 Dumb Social Media Mistakes Not to Make

Here are the common (and all too costly) social media promotion mistakes that brands, entrepreneurs, and business must avoid making in order to multiply monthly sales volume and profits.   1. Thinking that having a website constitutes marketing online   The same holds true for a Facebook fan page. Having those are great; however, you […]

4 ways to Use Social Media Without it Using You

As I’m putting the finishing touches on my SMRS presentation, I wanted to share some advice I find myself giving a lot lately. We all know how powerful social media platforms can be at generating new clients, creating mass notoriety, building relationships, and increasing profits, but it can come with a heavy price if you’re […]

The 2019 Social Media Revenue Summit (highlights)

Hot off the editing floor! Here’s our highlight video. If you weren’t there you definitely missed something special. Doctors, professionals, and entrepreneurs flew in from all over to attend this five star experience. If you desire to play bigger, grow your circle of influence, multiply your monthly revenue, and create more freedom in your life… […]

How Much Should I Spend on One Facebook Ad?

This is a very common question I receive from entrepreneurs, doctors, and professionals. In this timely video I discuss a couple important questions you must ask when running Facebook ad campaigns. You’ll also learn some of the best practices so you don’t get caught with your guard down.     If you’re not using Facebook […]

How to Use Instagram Stories For More Traffic and Visibility

Instagram Stories are located in a bar at the top of your news feed. All Instagram accounts can share them. When there’s something new to see, profile photos have a colorful ring that’s visible. Watch the video below and discover strategies you can use with Instagram stories that get you more traffic and exposure without spending any money.   […]

The 2016 Social Media Revenue Summit

The 2016 Social Media Revenue Summit

Here is the 2016 Social Media Revenue Summit highlight video! This event shares which strategies the world’s highest paid Internet entrepreneurs are using to MULTIPLY their impact, influence, and monthly profits. DO NOT miss this experience next year! Click the play button below to watch.     In the meantime, read the #1 best seller […]

Never Give Up On A Dream (Matthew Loop’s Story)

Never Give Up On A Dream (Matthew Loop's Story)

Life is not fair… You ever said that to yourself? I used to. Heck, I think we’ve all been there. The interesting thing is that the struggles, obstacles and challenges of our past prepare us for bigger and better things to come. The sun always rises after the storm. We grow stronger, wiser, and more […]

The Social Media Revenue Summit (2015 Highlights)

The Social Media Revenue Summit (2015 Highlights)

Here’s a glimpse of the advanced social media training experience so many are raving about! The Social Media Revenue Summit™ is designed to help you multiply your influence and build a 5 figure per month PASSIVE income machine around doing what you love. It’s also for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses that want to profitably integrate […]

Social Media Business Consultant Shares Inspiring Message

Social Media Business Consultant Shares Inspiring Message

There’s so much opportunity this year for those business owners who are willing to prepare well, work hard, and persevere. Keep grinding and moving forward. Your time is coming, my friend. This video was filmed at Half Moon Bay in the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos.     – Did you like this post? […]

Before You Work Another 12 Hour Day, WATCH THIS FIRST

Before You Work Another 12 Hour Day, WATCH THIS FIRST

This one single mistake can CRIPPLE your business and life if you’re not careful. In terms of priority, it should be #1 or else everything else falls apart. It’s probably not what you would immediately think either. This video was shot on the beautiful islands of Turks and Caicos in Grace Bay.     – […]