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4 ways to Use Social Media Without it Using You

As I’m putting the finishing touches on my SMRS presentation, I wanted to share some advice I find myself giving a lot lately. We all know how powerful social media platforms can be at generating new clients, creating mass notoriety, building relationships, and increasing profits, but it can come with a heavy price if you’re not disciplined.

Here are some tips that will help you move in the right direction. Four simple ways to use social media WITHOUT it using you.

1) Set a timer for 40 minutes 

This is important and it’s a common denominator of successful high achievers. You must block your time! Give yourself a specific amount of time each day to do certain activities on social media. This could be posting, responding to comments, creating or managing your Facebook/Insta ads, etc.

You can even split it in half with 20 minutes early in the day, then 20 minutes later in the day. That’s your narrow window to be productive online. Once the timer sounds off, you’re done. It’s simple. Get in the habit of doing this and your life will change for the better.

2)  Stay out of the news feed

Facebook and Instagram want to keep you on the networks as long as they can. It’s in their best interest and it’s part of their business model. If you start looking through the feed, you’ll see things that hook you in. Controversy, negativity, photos from other friends, etc.

It’s easy to lose track of time and then, BAM, an hour goes by! What have you accomplished? Usually, nothing. Protect your time. That doesn’t mean you can’t pop in the news feed every once in awhile but  just be aware.

3) Hire an assistant to help

After you get your hands dirty and follow my social media practice growth trainings, you’re going to want to start delegating to an assistant. However, you must understand the profit generating systems first or your social media person won’t add too much value to the clinic.

You’ll also spend MUCH more than you need to if you don’t know how to measure / improve your campaigns, posts, etc. As you bring someone on, it will free up your time so you can  create more content and work on high leverage activities.

The good thing here is that there will be a barrier between you and social media.

4) Uninstall the apps on your phone

If you’re serious about not letting social media use you, just delete the apps from your phone. Only  access them from a computer during the time you give yourself. This is pretty straightforward.

The truth is, if I look at my most successful clients, they’ve all gotten their hands dirty and learned a thing or two about social marketing and advertising. However, at the end of the day, the goal is to have your “exit plan” in place so YOU are the one using the technology strategically so that it’s not eating up your life.

What do you think?

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