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10 Ways Chiropractors Can Attract More Facebook Engagement

10 Ways Chiropractors Can Attract More Facebook Engagement

In the chiropractic profession we have so many well intentioned doctors with giving hearts. They yearn to make a big impact and help their communities become healthier. Unfortunately, many of these DC’s don’t know how to get attention and stand out above the noise. They produce great content but it either gets buried or very few […]

How to Beat Facebook’s News Feed Filter (without spending money)

How to Beat Facebook's News Feed Filter (without spending money)

In this powerful training video, you’ll discover the #1 way to beat Facebook’s news feed algorithm filter so you can get 3-4x more visibility to your posts. This doesn’t cost you any money and is arguably the most overlooked factor when it comes to getting more traffic and exposure from the social network!     […]

7 Ways to Build BETTER Relationships on Facebook

In this video, you’ll discover the 7 best ways to build stronger relationships with people on Facebook. The better your relationships are, the more influence you’ll have in the marketplace, which will lead to DRAMATIC increases in traffic and business profits. As an extra bonus, enjoy the footage. It was shot in Canada at the […]

Is ‘The Social Network’ Causing Facebook Backlash?

Recently, “The Social Network” movie trailer has been rapidly sweeping all the major online and offline news outlets, getting massive airplay and generating tremendous buzz. It’s undoubtedly helped Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s founder) and the crew increase active membership, exposure and broaden the company’s global reach. With more than 500 million members, Facebook, and the communication phenomena […]