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10 Ways Chiropractors Can Attract More Facebook Engagement

In the chiropractic profession we have so many well intentioned doctors with giving hearts. They yearn to make a big impact and help their communities become healthier. Unfortunately, many of these DC’s don’t know how to get attention and stand out above the noise. They produce great content but it either gets buried or very few people see it.

If we want to hit the tipping point and become integrated mainstream this has to change.

There is a predictable science to attracting more eyeballs and boosting your engagement on Facebook. Here are ten quick tips to help you do just that.

These things also help you gain you more notoriety and grab attention from local residents.


10 Ways Chiros


Craft a compelling headline

Most chiropractic content titles I see in my news feed are boring. They’re missed opportunities. The headline is one of the most important components to any successful

Facebook post, video, podcast, etc. Some would argue that it’s THE most critical piece.


Because your headline is the initial attention-grabber.

Whether on Google, Facebook or YouTube… the content title is one of the first things noticed. If your title is strong, you can literally hypnotize people into clicking your link even if you’re not in the best line-of-sight. With this said, you obviously need to know your local market well. What do they want? What solutions are they seeking? What mistakes are they making?

In my best selling book, Social Media Made Me Rich, I share many powerful examples of how to title a post. If you currently don’t have a copy you can grab the first six chapters for free right here.

Visually stimulate

Depending on the source you reference, statistics show your image accounts for 50-70% of the reason why someone clicks your Facebook post or ad. So, we have to either spark curiosity or stimulate our viewers visually. The image will obviously depend on the type of Facebook post but you should test different types to see which pulls better. Personal pics, close ups, anatomical images, and action shots are just a few types to try.

Deliver value

Now that you have an eye-popping image and compelling title, you’ve got to deliver the goods in the actual content. This goes without saying. It’s best to make your content practical so people can use and easily implement the information the same day.

For instance, I had a client out of Ottawa do a video on how to get up out of bed in the morning without wrecking your spine. In just a short amount of time that video garnered 41,800 views, 542 shares and 267 likes! When you have many more shares than likes you know you’ve struck a nerve in your market.

If your content is written then bullet the important points to make it easier for readers to consume.

To deliver phenomenal value, you must understand the market you’re servicing. Be real, authentic and don’t be afraid to go against the conventional grain if your intentions are to clear-up misconceptions and empower.

Address major concerns your audience is facing and provide facts / analysis. Always ask yourself, “Does this content I’m creating help solve a problem or better my reader’s quality of life?”

Also, make sure you have clear and specific action steps you’re giving others to fast-track their implementation

Elicit an emotional response

Don’t shy away from controversy or stay away from the path less traveled. You need to get readers emotionally involved with your video or written Facebook posts. Fuse personal stories into the mix to help people connect with you on even more of an intimate level.

Research, find, and include the pain / pleasure points of the audience you’re going after. Get specific into the small details so you can paint a vivid picture for others.

Furthermore, be direct and give your honest opinion regardless of popularity.

Include a call to action

From observation, very few chiropractors tell viewers and readers what to do next. If you want an individual to like and share your post, TELL THEM directly. Never assume they’ll automatically share the piece no matter how great it is. Give people a good sincere reason why they should tell their fiends, too.


Facebook live streaming is very powerful at grabbing attention. In fact, the social network is favoring content that comes from live videos right now. If done right, you can get exponentially more organic (free) news feed visibility. Aside from producing helpful value driven videos make sure you ask a question to create engagement. More comments equates to more exposure on your posts. Use Facebook live several times per week or daily if possible.

Email general subscriber and patient lists

Your email list is your #1 biggest asset online. It’s part of the life-blood of your practice. When you post new content on Facebook, email your subscribers and patients that are in your inner circle. They’ll be more likely to share your stuff because you have a long relationship with them. They know, like and trust you.

In your emails, evoke curiosity and let people know the “secrets” they’ll discover by reading the content. Or, let them know what mistakes they’ll avoid. List 3-4 bullet points in the email stressing what’s in it for them.

Use sponsored boosts to amplify your best content

This falls under the Facebook advertising umbrella which has been my secret weapon since 2008. There’s no getting around it. If you want to maximize your post distribution and reach as many people in the community as possible, you’ll start paying to boost posts immediately.

Nothing has gotten my companies and I more exposure, traffic, new clients and sales than Facebook advertising. We’ve spent over $1,200,000 with the social network for good reason and managed over a million dollars for clients.

If done right, you’ll be able to get your cost per website click under .40 cents, cost per video view under .01 cent, click through rate over 3.0%, and your cost per lead under a few dollars. We have clients that are spending $15 – $35 per new patient they acquire! Others spend more but one thing’s for sure.

The return on investment (ROI) trumps any other advertising platform!

If you compare it to conventional media like radio, TV, newspaper, and billboards… there is no comparison. A 5:1 ROI on those mediums is good. With Facebook, if you’re not getting at least a 20:1 ROI something’s wrong. We’ve had clients surpass 165:1 ROI before. Think about that. For every dollar invested 165 came back in return!

You can’t afford not to run ads with numbers like that. Even if you’re terrible at direct response marketing you get seriously inexpensive branding. It’s only a matter of time before you hit critical mass locally and start getting recognized wherever you go.

Facebook advertising (used the right way) is the FASTEST way to get noticed and hit the tipping point in any local market. It’s impossible to compete with the sheer volume of targeted traffic Facebook sends.

If you’re not using Facebook ads consistently and your competitor is, you’re getting crushed and don’t even know it. Facebook is an untapped goldmine of exposure if you create, optimize, and run ads like I share in my flagship training Social Media Elite and high level consulting programs.

Success, new patients and sales are predictable when certain things are done in a certain way.

Are you a low tech doctor that doesn’t have the time to learn how to run profitable ad campaigns? Have my team do Facebook advertising for you at Profit365.org.

The process I’ve described here is what allowed me to get over the top engagements to many Facebook posts and has been responsible for countless others going viral. This is reliable and works like crazy when you dial it in. Don’t haphazardly create a Facebook post then hope it goes viral. Hope is not an effective strategy.

Be proactive and commit to being unstoppable! The formula above is guaranteed to get you noticed.

Be consistent

Consistency moves mountains.  From my observation, chiropractors don’t post nearly enough on the social network. I recommend upping your game and posting at least four times each day. Make sure your updates are high quality, too. The more you post the more chances your audience has to see your content.

Vary the type of content

The truth is you have different personalities that follow your Facebook fan page. It’s important to vary the type of content along with how it’s delivered. Even though you’re a chiropractor not everyone has the same passion for chiropractic that you do. Spice it up!

Have your posts include health tips, open ended questions, photos, quote graphics, stories, new research, helpful videos and some personal things.

*** BONUS TIP ***

Post at optimal times

Your Facebook fan page has an “Insights” tab which should be reviewed often. We can tell which status updates are getting increased visibility by the type of content. Furthermore, we can track which times of day we’re getting the most engagement. This is a big deal because what we can measure we can improve.

Try to notice a pattern. Maybe you’re getting more engagement at 8am in the morning. If we spot a pattern we can queue posts up each day to go out at those specific times. We’ll still have to pay to boost periodically but at least we can maximize our organic reach.

In conclusion

There’s never been a better opportunity to get noticed and become the celebrity doctor in your town. Be strategic when you create and distribute content on the social network so you can maximize your community outreach. Implement what was shared in this blog and you’ll 10-20x your Facebook engagement almost overnight!

The power at our fingertips is just staggering. Use it to help more people, make a bigger impact, and create more prosperity. If you found this post valuable click the like button below and share with other chiropractors.

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