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Why Content is NOT King (and what really is)

Why Content is NOT King (and what really is)

We hear marketers all the time say that “content is king,” however this is not entirely accurate. I mean, one doesn’t really need to look to hard to find a plethora of incredibly valuable videos / articles online that get minimal traffic, exposure and social shares. If simply producing high-quality content was the end-all, most […]

How to Set-up a Google Adwords Express Ad

Here’s a step-by-step video training on how to create a Google Adwords Express ad and the powerful benefits associated. Very few local businesses have set these campaigns up, yet they can position your office as the obvious choice in no time. – Click the play button below to watch – — – Did you like […]

5 Team Members Every Serious Internet Marketer Needs

The saying comes to mind, “You can’t do it alone!” This definitely holds true for internet entrepreneurs. Six and seven figure earners online don’t work in their business, they work ON their business. Their energy is focused on creating new products / services and expanding current ones. They’re the ones with the vision. If online […]