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Why Content is NOT King (and what really is)

We hear marketers all the time say that “content is king,” however this is not entirely accurate. I mean, one doesn’t really need to look to hard to find a plethora of incredibly valuable videos / articles online that get minimal traffic, exposure and social shares.

If simply producing high-quality content was the end-all, most great posts would be highly visible and go viral. This is a far cry from what actually happens, though.

Let me let you in on a secret. Content marketing is what’s really king.

You can have the best, most helpful blog post in the world, but if you cannot get enough eyeballs and aggressive circulation then it doesn’t matter.

It’s similar to what I tell people that have a good website.

Your site is USELESS if you cannot drive large amounts of traffic there. On the same note, your content will severely under-perform if you don’t know how to actually market it.

Marketing is what gets your message to the masses, period.

That’s exactly why The Ultimate Content Marketing Blueprint was created. Most doctors and professionals don’t know how to effectively market their content (blog posts, articles, videos, press releases, etc) for MAXIMUM syndication and exposure.

Also, they don’t have a reliable internet-based strategy that produces consistent and tangible results like new patients / clients and accelerated business growth.

It’s one thing to create quality content; it’s another to generate revenue from it.

When marketing your content online, here’s what you absolutely must know if you want to be successful and get viral traffic and shares:

1) How to create content titles that compel internet surfers to click on your listing, as opposed to your competitors. There’s an exact “persuasion” science to this. When you master it, you could rank #2 or #3 on Google and still garner the overwhelming majority of search clicks.

2) How to write / structure your content so it’s easily digestible, understood, and contains psychological triggers that make users want to engage or share it with their friends.

3) How to find the best places to outsource your content, should you decide to hire expert ghostwriters.

4) How to effectively distribute and syndicate your content online so that it’s guaranteed maximum exposure, a windfall of traffic, and shares.

5) How to build your author rank to get Google to favor you above competitors in the same industry or niche. This one thing alone can give you an UNFAIR advantage and make you unstoppable!

As you can see, this is not about just publishing quality content and “hoping” it gets shared and produces results. It’s about strategically engineering your success.

If what I’ve just mentioned makes sense to you, click here to access the advanced content marketing training so many are raving about. Your future online depends on how well you master this!

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