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How I Got Over 1,800 Facebook Likes to One Blog Post

How I Got Over 1,800 Facebook Likes to One Blog Post

Blogging has been VERY good to me over the years. The recognition, traffic, and sales it’s brought has been simply staggering. I’ve had several blog posts go viral and garner mass attention, too. When this first began to happen, I would say I was unconsciously competent. Meaning, I created a great blog post, but didn’t […]

How to Create Quote Graphics to Share on Facebook and Pinterest

In this free video training, you’ll discover how to easily create kick-ass text or quote graphics in just a matter of minutes! These can be shared on Pinterest and Facebook to spread your message faster and substantially boost your visibility / fan interaction. In fact, numerous studies have PROVEN that images posted on social media […]

There is NO Good or Bad Economy, Just YOUR Economy

A couple days ago, I came across this great video by New York Times best-selling author, Grant Cardone. It’s so spot-on that I had to share it with you. Those that are prepared with THRIVE and prosper in this new economy. Click the play button below and let me know your thoughts after.     […]

Why Content is NOT King (and what really is)

Why Content is NOT King (and what really is)

We hear marketers all the time say that “content is king,” however this is not entirely accurate. I mean, one doesn’t really need to look to hard to find a plethora of incredibly valuable videos / articles online that get minimal traffic, exposure and social shares. If simply producing high-quality content was the end-all, most […]

Technique vs Marketing: Which One REALLY Attracts Patients?

So, which one do you think is responsible for attracting most of your new patients or clients? When first started in practice, I used to believe it was my technique because in school that was the primary educational focus. However, when I got in the real world, I was met by a harsh dose of […]