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How I Got Over 1,800 Facebook Likes to One Blog Post

Blogging has been VERY good to me over the years. The recognition, traffic, and sales it’s brought has been simply staggering. I’ve had several blog posts go viral and garner mass attention, too. When this first began to happen, I would say I was unconsciously competent.

Meaning, I created a great blog post, but didn’t know WHY people thought it was great.

Then, as I began to study my most successful blogs, I’ve discovered a predictable pattern that ensured they were seen by the masses and shared. That is when I became consciously competent.

You see… creating content is what you must always be doing, but understand this. CONTENT IS NOT KING! This is probably the opposite of what you’ve heard by self-proclaimed gurus.

A lot of professionals create amazing content that doesn’t see the light of day. It gets buried.

The truth is there’s no shortage of great content on the web.

So, what separates the posts that get liked / shared by thousands versus the stuff that doesn’t?

It comes down to two words, “content marketing.”

This is what’s really king.

You’ve got to know how to get noticed, especially if you’re like the average majority who don’t have connections and aren’t “in the club.”

Right now, I’d like to share with you my proven formula for getting attention in a “noisy” world.

Among many accomplishments, this knowledge has allowed me to get over 1,800 Facebook shares to this blog post. When you follow these powerful steps, you’ll always have a leg-up on competitors in your industry.

1) Create a Controversial Blog Post Headline

Most blog post headlines flat-out suck! They’re boring. The headline is one of the most important components to any successful blog post. Some would argue that it is the most critical piece.


Because your headline is the initial attention-grabber.

Whether on Google, Facebook, Twitter… the blog post title is what is seen first. If your title is strong, you can literally hypnotize people into clicking your link even if you’re not in the best line-of-sight.

With this said, you obviously need to know your market well. What do they want? What solutions are they seeking? What mistakes are they making?

On page 30 of my famous Blogging Success Blueprint I share two powerful examples of how to title a blog post.

If you currently don’t have a copy of that PDF, just place your name and email in the form you see on the upper-right corner of this blog so we can send it to your for free.

I also have 15 more compelling, copy and paste headline templates you’ll find in The Ultimate Content Marketing Blueprint training program.

2) Deliver Value

Now that you have an eye-popping title, you MUST deliver the goods in the actual content. This goes without saying. It’s best to make your content practical so that people can use and easily implement the information the same day.

Bullet the important points to make it easier to consume for the person reading.

To deliver phenomenal value, you must understand the market you’re servicing. Be real, authentic and don’t be afraid to go against the conventional grain if your intentions are to clear-up misconceptions and empower.

Address major concerns your audience is facing and provide facts / analysis. Always ask yourself, “Does this content I’m creating help solve a problem or better my reader’s quality of life?”

Also, make sure you have clear and specific action steps you’re giving others to fast-track their implementation

3) Elicit an Emotional Response

Don’t shy away from controversy or stay away from the path less traveled. You need to get readers emotionally involved with your video or written blog posts. Fuse personal stories into the mix to help people connect with you on even more of an intimate level.

Research, find, and include the pain / pleasure points of the audience you’re appealing to. Get specific into the small details so you can paint a vivid picture for others.

Furthermore, be direct and give your honest opinion regardless of popularity.

4) Tell Readers What to Do Next

You’d be absolutely amazed by just how many business owners and entrepreneurs do not tell readers what to do next. If you want an individual to like and share your post, TELL THEM directly.

Never assume they’ll automatically share the piece no matter how great it is. Give people a good sincere reason why they should tell their fiends, too.

Lastly, you need to make it very simple to share your content. Have the social share buttons on each blog post like what you see at the bottom of this one.

5) Email Subscriber and Client Lists

Your email list is your #1 biggest asset online. It’s the life-blood of any brick and mortar or internet business. When you post new content, email your subscribers and clients that are in your inner circle.

They’ll be more likely to share your stuff because you have a long relationship with them.

In your emails, evoke curiosity and let people know the “secrets” they’ll discover by reading the content. Or, let them know what mistakes they’ll avoid. List 3-4 bullet points in the email stressing what’s in it for them.

6) Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising has been my secret weapon since 2008. Nothing has gotten my companies and I more exposure, traffic, and sales than this strategy. We’ve spent over $165,000 with the social network (and for good reason).

With the ad that was created for this particular blog, I was spending an average of 12 cents per click! My click-through-rate was as high as 5.12% at one point as well.

You can’t afford not to run ads with numbers that low. I promoted the blog post on Facebook for 3 weeks straight.

Paid advertising is the FASTEST way to get noticed and overcome critical mass in any market. It’s impossible to compete with the sheer volume of targeted traffic Facebook sends.

If you’re not using Facebook ads consistently and your competitor is, you’re getting crushed and don’t even know it.

Facebook is an untapped goldmine of exposure if you create, optimize, and run ads like I teach in my consulting programs. Success and sales are predictable.

Return on investment has never been higher and ranges from 11:1 all the way to 38:1 on average.

The process I’ve described here is what allowed me to get over 1,800 Facebook likes to a blog post and has been responsible for countless others going viral. This is reliable and works like crazy.

Do not haphazardly create a blog post then hope the magical unicorns will carry and promote it online for you. Be proactive and commit to being unstoppable! The formula above is guaranteed to get you noticed.

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