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How I Got Over 1,800 Facebook Likes to One Blog Post

How I Got Over 1,800 Facebook Likes to One Blog Post

Blogging has been VERY good to me over the years. The recognition, traffic, and sales it’s brought has been simply staggering. I’ve had several blog posts go viral and garner mass attention, too. When this first began to happen, I would say I was unconsciously competent. Meaning, I created a great blog post, but didn’t […]

3 Simple Ways to Create INSTANT Website Credibility

3 Simple Ways to Create INSTANT Website Credibility

Here are 3 super-effective ways to create instant credibility for your website or blog. Not knowing these powerful influence factors is costing you LARGE amounts of referral traffic, new customers and sales. Watch the video now and see what you’re currently missing.     – Did you like this post? If so, click the Facebook […]

How to Create Top Ranking and SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Here’s one of the most valuable strategies I’ve ever learned as an internet marketer. In this video, I pull back the curtain so you can see how to create top ranking, SEO friendly blog posts that feed a FLOOD of traffic, new clients, and sales your way 24/7. If you’re looking to get better rankings […]

Why Most Bloggers Don’t Make Money

Here’s a GREAT video I wanted to share with you by dot com mogul, John Chow. It reveals (among many other gems) why most bloggers don’t make money online. John’s been blogging since 2005 and his blog pulls-in over $50,000 per month. Creating a blog is pretty easy overall. What’s hard is acquiring the knowledge, […]

How to Deal with Blog Critics and Haters

Hello from sunny San Diego! I flew-in a few days ago for a big internet marketing event and to hang-out with my sister for a little. SoCal is one of my favorite travel destinations in the States. I was out in the PB area having lunch near the water enjoying the scenery. I cannot even […]