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How to Create Top Ranking and SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Here’s one of the most valuable strategies I’ve ever learned as an internet marketer. In this video, I pull back the curtain so you can see how to create top ranking, SEO friendly blog posts that feed a FLOOD of traffic, new clients, and sales your way 24/7.

If you’re looking to get better rankings with your blogging efforts, this free training is a MUST WATCH immediately. Click the play button below to view.


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About the Author

Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps brands, startups, and small business owners multiply their influence, impact, and income by harnessing the power of the Internet. Since 2005 he’s trained over 21,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions have viewed his free business growth tutorials online. Connect with him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


5 Responses to “How to Create Top Ranking and SEO Friendly Blog Posts”

  1. Hi Matthew, thank you for your valuable comments. I am re-branding my company and setting up a new web site and blog. Will be using wordpress but was also reviewing two companies Pagelines or Genesis framework. I am trying to do everything myself for the time being however do want to have flexibility for the future. I would appreciate any feedback that you can offer regarding one of these companies as I am hoping to launch my blog shortly. I have written a number of articles but it was suggested that I launch with one only. Do you agree with that. Thanks so much. Kind regards, Florence

  2. Mir Jorgen says:

    I was wondering if you recommend a particular wordpress theme for building a blog and SEO’d site?

  3. Matthew Loop says:

    Hi Mir… My theme was actually custom built to include everything that I wanted since I didn’t find one I liked. I haven’t seen another WordPress design quite like it.

  4. Always great reviewing your information Matt. I try to go over it a couple times to make sure I don’t forget something but I also pick up new gems here and there. Thanks!

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