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How I Got Over 1,800 Facebook Likes to One Blog Post

How I Got Over 1,800 Facebook Likes to One Blog Post

Blogging has been VERY good to me over the years. The recognition, traffic, and sales it’s brought has been simply staggering. I’ve had several blog posts go viral and garner mass attention, too. When this first began to happen, I would say I was unconsciously competent. Meaning, I created a great blog post, but didn’t […]

List Building for Chiropractors

This is the MOST underutilized marketing strategy by chiropractors, yet it’s been proven to be the most powerful time after time. I’m referring to having an effective lead-capture system on your chiropractic website and building an email list of prospective new patients. What most doctors do not understand is that when a potential patient hits […]

The BEST Way To Get Traffic To Your Chiropractic Blog

The BEST Way To Get Traffic To Your Chiropractic Blog

There are dozens and dozens of ways to drive traffic to your chiropractic blog. You have everything from social media, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC marketing, mobile, etc… I can honestly say that I’ve tried all of them with varying degrees of success. Of the many traffic generation mediums available, one method stands out by […]

Is Your Email Marketing Approach Backwards?

This is a post in response to one of the most commonly asked questions I get about how often to mail to your email list. Honestly, most are doing email marketing completely ass-backwards. By that, I’m referring to the frequency of communication. If you’re on my list, you understand that you’ll get an email from […]

How to Backup your Aweber Email List

If you’re building an email list of ANY type, stop everything you’re doing and watch this video now! Yes, it’s that important. You must protect your list at all costs and have a plan B in case something happens unexpectedly to your autoresponder company or their server. In the video below, I show you how […]

Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Here are some of the most overlooked aspects of successful email marketing for chiropractors and other small businesses. Don’t be confused, email marketing is still a very effective way to communicate with your subscribers and establish strong relationships if done correctly. I find that most are doing it completely wrong and not tracking, measuring, and […]