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How to Create a Free Report in 7 EASY Steps

In the world of internet marketing, an organically acquired email list is the back-bone and foundation of your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re an online entrepreneur or have brick and mortar company either.

You MUST build a list if you’re serious about maximizing your effectiveness, reaching the MOST customers, and growing your business to extraordinary levels.

Here’s a reality check.

No matter how aesthetically appealing your site is, the overwhelming majority of people that go to any given small business website only stay there for less than 30 seconds. Studies show that once the visitor is gone, they rarely return.

Knowing this, it’s critically important to “capture” as many names / emails as possible in order to follow-up with them so prospective customers get to know, like, and trust you.

You’ve got one shot to do this.

Internet surfers are highly skeptical these days and most are “slow dates.”

Around 1-2% (on average) will actually go to your website, pick-up the phone and call you immediately. This holds true if you’re an attorney, dentist, chiropractor, etc.

One of the numerous benefits of building a list is that your conversion numbers sky-rocket in the short long run if you’re sending follow-up emails on a regular basis. Conversion numbers can jump into the 15-20% range.

I’m sure you’d agree, that’s a HUGE difference from not building a list. This alone can add an EXTRA zero to you income this year if you nourish the email list properly.

Here are the questions you have to ask yourself before we dig-in:

Do you want more clients, patients, or customers without having to do more hard work? And, would you like to dramatically increase the percentage of web visitors that call or buy your products / services?

If you answered YES to those questions, pay close attention and follow this professional advice.

The real secret to increasing the amount of walk-in referrals you get from the internet is having a “consumer awareness” oriented free report / giveaway on your website.

That’s called an ethical bribe.

You’re providing someone with essential information they’re ALREADY seeking in exchange for their name and email address so you know where to send the report.

Here are 7 simple steps that will help you create a valuable free report that positions you as a trusted authority in the eyes of your potential new client:

1) Think of a compelling, consumer friendly name for the report. The title will make or break you and could be the difference in you getting a trickle versus a flood of new clients, patients, or customers.

Some examples include:

– Before Visiting a Divorce Attorney, Read This Consumer Report
– 5 Mistakes MOST People Make When Choosing a Chiropractor
– 10 Questions You MUST Ask Before Visiting a Cosmetic Surgeon
– Before Considering Risky Back Surgery or Dangerous Pain Meds, Read This

2) List the top 10-15 frequently asked questions you get on a sheet of paper. You could probably answer these in your sleep, they come-up so often. Also, list a few questions that people “should be” asking you about your service or specialty.

Make sure that common objections are in there as well.

Your goal here is to answer questions before they consciously arise in the mind of your potential customer. This build trust and rapport quickly.

3) Open an account on This service doesn’t cost you anything and it has an option to let you to record your conversation. Call-in to the specific number they give you with a friend, spouse, or family member.

They’ll be the one asking you the questions you wrote down.

Open up with a simple introduction about why the report was created. Remember, this is not about you. It’s all about providing valuable information to the end consumer that will be reading the report.

Have the other person on the phone ask you the questions you wrote down in interview style. Naturally, by your answers, you’re steering them to your service as the only logical choice.

This powerful technique helps you rise above the perception as being just another commodity. This allows you to charge what your worth instead of competing on price alone.

At the end of the call, make a professional call to action that is only available for a limited time to those that “qualify.”

4) After you download the mp3 file at, hire a transcription specialist from or to transcribe the audio recording you created. Our goal is efficiency here.

They can even edit the document for you and format as per your instructions. Turnaround time can be as little as a few hours to a couple days depending on how fast you need it.

5) Get an ebook cover designed at or This is the image that you will place on your website next to the lead-capture boxes. You can get a very nice and clean cover design very affordably.

You ideally want a cover designed because it elevates the perceived value of the report the consumer is receiving. It looks real and tangible.

6) Get an Aweber account. This is what you’ll use to place lead capture (AKA opt-in) boxes on your website.

It also helps you to manage your collected email database, queue auto-responder messages, send email broadcast, and track statistics (like email deliverability, open rates, clicks, etc.)

You can get a $1 trial of Aweber email marketing software at It’s the system that I personally use so you know it’s the best.

7) Download the free PDF converter a to turn your transcribed word document into a professional looking downloadable PDF.

Your webmaster can handle the duty of placing the free report image and Aweber code on your website. Let them do what they’re best at. Ideally, you want this ethical bribe and offer on the right of your site above the fold.

This is the simplest way to generate a custom, free report you can give away to collect names / emails in order to build your list! Not to mention, it requires MINIMAL effort on your part since you now know how to be more resourceful.

The real power comes in when you develop a large email list into the thousands from all the traffic that’s visited your website. Now, you can literally push the email send button and initiate an avalanche of new customers and fresh passive revenue if you have the right campaign.

This is the ULTIMATE form of online leverage!

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  1. Paul says:

    great post. 🙂

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Thank you, Paul

  3. Hey Matthew great post. I’ve been building my offline business for the last couple of months, but have been studying and buying the best software available for fulfilling customers needs. I am in the process of doing exactly what you have outlined in your post. I do build my own websites, and I have had Aweber for quite some time now. I do however need to come up with a good ethical bribe to get a list started.
    I really enjoyed your steps to creating an ethical bribe. It is superb. I believe that I will create one of these right away. It appears to be something that will work great. Thanks again and I’ll let you know how it works out for me.
    Morris (Murph) Murphy

  4. Good post Matt. I concur on all your points and the reason with our clients we create an e-book for them (the ethical bribe) and also interview them and package with highly professional artwork for the their website, the social media and an actual hard copy for use right in the community to help brand them. These tools are perfect additions to your great programs.

    I would add they make sure they keep their lead capture form above the fold.

    Dr. Alan

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