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The Dirty Little Secret of Done-for-You Social Media Marketing

With so many “done-for-you” social media marketing companies popping-up left and right for small businesses, it’s important to take a step back to think whether or not an automated service is right for you.

Also, it’s critical to understand how to separate hype from realistic expectations.

There’s a dirty little secret most social media marketing agencies would rather you not know, though. This is because it might jeopardize their bottom line. Here it is.

ALL entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals that have gained real fame (and become industry heavyweights) have ALWAYS put-in their fair share of personal time on social media, myself included.

Social media is about connecting on a personal level and building your own audience of real fans that know, like, trust, and eventually do business with you.

No one can replicate your voice or personality better than you!

It is impossible to automate 100% of your social media marketing and become a local celebrity or industry leader by doing so.

Not what most probably wanted to hear, but it’s true.

It’s those that achieve fame who reach the MOST people with their message and generate the most revenue. This is an indisputable fact.

With that said, though, you must understand one critical thing.

ALL respected market leaders are resourceful and know how / when to delegate. They get the big idea of leverage.

You certainly should not be doing everything yourself when it comes to SEO, online marketing, or social media.

That’s a big reason why the Automated Social Networking service was created. Our professionally trained team efficiently handles the necessary grunt work that must be done day-to-day.

This allows businesses to save money and invest a TINY fraction of the cost of what it would take to hire an experienced full-time manager to do:

– Keyword / market research
– Facebook organic marketing
– Facebook ads (ppc) marketing
– Online video creation
– Online video submission / optimization
– Podcast creation / submission
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Article writing
– Article submission to top directories
– Press releases writing
– Press release submission to well-known media
– Google Places optimization
– Blog creation and posting regularly
– Backlink building
– Social Media Optimization (SMO)
– Directory submissions
– Google organic marketing
– Google Adwords PPC management / optimization
– Automated reports generated to track results

At Automated Social Networking, we’ve always been transparent with clients and made sure they’ve understood that the bulk of their marketing (over 90%) can be automated.

However, there absolutely MUST be time devoted on the clients end, too.

Those that believe they don’t have 15 minutes per day to devote to interacting and engaging on social media are lying to themselves. It’s time to turn the TV off and prioritize!

If you don’t have the proper training and know-how to do everything listed above effectively and profitably, it’s a good idea to find a reliable blueprint or simply delegate to the experts.

Realize this, though. When you outsource, you’re still going to need to add your voice on social media to develop your brand and build a following.

There’s no getting around it.

Any “done for you” social media marketing company that tells you otherwise is just trying to sell you and not being truthful.

The question you have to ask yourself is this. Would you rather go at it alone and risk failure or have professional guidance to ensure success?

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