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10 Steps to UNSTOPPABLE Income with Online Video

This blog post is in response to one of the most common questions I’m asked which is, “After I create videos, what’s the best and most effective way to market them with social media?” Translation…  “what’s going to get me customers and make money!”

There is a right and wrong way to market your videos online.

Truthfully, most business owners are amateurs and do a haphazard job, hence the reason they never realize the full potential.

By the way, the formula contained in this post used to be reserved for paying clients of mine, as it’s generated millions of dollars collectively. It makes you unstoppable and provides and unfair competitive advantage.

Not following this blueprint and letting this information go to waste would be a dumb mistake.

The 10 steps below have been proven time after time to exponentially multiply website visitors, leads, customers, and sales. This method is incredibly reliable so deviate from this expert advice at your own risk:

1. Use professional video editing software to edit the clip:

This is not really that difficult to do especially with the technology available today. If you have a PC, you’ll probably have Windows Movie Maker as the standard editing program. If you have a MAC, then you’ll be able to do editing with iMovie.

The goal here is just to make your video content appear more professional. If editing is not your strong point, find an experienced video editor on Elance or Odesk that can be your go-to guy.

2. Manually upload the video to YouTube:

After your video has been edited, rendered, and looks great, upload the video to YouTube. The main reason being to let the clip appear on an authority website first. Google favors YouTube, not to mention the video network is the 3rd most visited website in the world.

You want Google to index your video first from YouTube and see it as original content there since it has a tremendous amount of authority and a high page rank.

3. Optimize the video title, tags, and description

This could be a whole other blog post (or two). You should have already done your market / keyword research with a tool like Market Samurai before taking this step. If you’re in a local or national market, you need to know what keywords people are searching.

Make sure your keywords appear in the title of the video, the YouTube description, and the keyword tags. An example of a video title for a chiropractor might be “Chiropractor in Atlanta | Dr. Matthew Loop”

It’s clean, short, and to them point. Also, my keywords (chiropractor in Atlanta) are in the title. The same keywords MUST be added to the description and the tags. Be sure to include your website link at the beginning of the description box, including the http://

4. Share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media:

This really goes without saying. When you create valuable content, share it on Facebook with friends / fans, Tweet it on Twitter, or pin-it on Pinterest. This will help get more eyeballs on your videos quickly, initiating viral marketing.

You must consistently build your audience, followers, and network on these social platforms. The bigger your base becomes, the more shares, likes, re-pins, and re-tweets you’ll get on social media. Make sense?

5. Socially bookmark your YouTube video:

Social news networks like Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. have their own cult followings. Not to mention, the more interaction your posts gain, the higher you’ll rank on Google for your keyword(s).

Bookmark the video on those websites so loyal users can view your videos. If you Google “social bookmarking websites” you’ll pull back a long list of sites you can easily target.

6. Get YouTube “likes,” favorites, and video views:

These social signals are imperative as to how much exposure you gain. They also play a role in how YouTube ranks videos on their network. If you type in any keyword in their search box, the first videos that come-up always have the most views, likes, etc..

In your videos, you should always wrap-up with a call to action that tells viewers to like the video. You can also get friends / subscribers to help you out or join a social exchange.

7. Email your list:

Nothing like being able to send an email to a highly responsive list of thousands, announcing new valuable content. By far, this is my best and BIGGEST traffic source where the viral sharing occurs. I can literally flip-a-switch and watch the traffic magic happen!

I love and use Aweber for email marketing… but if you’ve been a subscriber to this blog for awhile, you probably knew that. If you’re not building a list, you will NEVER fully maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

8. Build authority anchor text backlinks to your YouTube video:

Very few people actually build links to videos, which is such a waste. SEO is just not for business websites. You can do SEO on any piece of content. The great thing is, YouTube already ranks very high on Google so your efforts will be much less to rank your videos well, as opposed to an unknown site.

I use Backlinkvana.com as one of my primary sources for link-building. It’s without a doubt one of the MOST powerful tools I’ve ever come across and recommended. You’d be wise to use the service before any local competitors find our about it.

With link-building, it’s important to have variety, though. You’ll want to get links from articles, press releases, forums, blogs, etc. Doing video SEO provides leverage, allowing your videos to sit online and rank #1 for any given keyword/ If done right, this consistently feeds you traffic and sales!!

9. Submit your video to the other popular video sharing networks:

You can do this manually and submit to websites like DailyMotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Viddler, Kewego, your Facebook Fan page, and many others. Or, you can use Traffic Geyser to make your life more efficient and automate the entire process in order to save countless hours.

Just so you’re aware, you’re not penalized for having your video on multiple websites. In fact, this is CRITICAL. Each site has their own separate user-base and gets indexed on Google.

Your videos work for you to generate traffic and leads 24/7.

Many times you can acquire multiple listings on the 1st page of the search engines just by distributing them to multiple sites. This will garner you exponentially more traffic that by just submitting the videos to only YouTube.

10. Get your video transcribed so you can create article or blog content:

Videos are great because you can turn them into articles fast. If you don’t have a transcriptionist, you can go to Elance.com to find someone affordable. As you create content, always ask yourself if it can be repackaged into another type of media.

When you follow these 10 points above, you’re guaranteed traffic, high rankings, consistent new customers, and more sales. This is a very reliable video marketing blueprint that has a long track-record of producing dramatically more revenue for businesses.

It’s all in the strategy, my friends. Ideally, you want to get your videos in every possible place a potential customer would search online. Now, you know how to maximize your effectiveness.

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  1. Great stuff Matt. One of the things I always like to tell people is that if you do a search for your own services in Google, i.e. Chiropractor town and State or Province look at how many results there are with the Everything tab selected on the on the left. Then select the video tab on the left only and see how many results. The reason you can win so easily with video is the competition is so much smaller.

    Dr. Alan

  2. Dr. Rod says:


    These are some great tips for producing a quality video and taking the right steps to market it properly. Thanks for offering this information for free. I plan on producing a video soon and will follow your method. Much thanks!

    Dr. Rod

  3. Thanks for this very informative blog, Matt. This sums up nicely some of the material you present in your excellent Social Media Elite program. Now I just need to put it into action!

    Dr. Jim Barger
    Folsom Chiropratic

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