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YouTube Chiropractic Marketing Case Study

Here is a recent case study by a client of mine, Dr Nick. He’s a chiropractor here in the South and has been a VIP member for 3 months. Due to his crazy schedule of adjusting 100+ patients per day and spending time with his wife and 2 children, he’s only been able to implement a little in the realm of social media marketing.

When his application was accepted into my personal coaching program, we decided that it would be best to start with YouTube chiropractic marketing to just get his message out there strategically using video.

If I had to guess, I’d say that he’s only been able to devote about maybe 2 hours / week to video marketing just because he has so much other stuff going on. This is not ideal and normally I recommend devoting AT LEAST 45 minutes per day.

Nick is an upper cervical doctor and an action taker, though.

To date he’s made around 24 videos, while carefully optimizing them, and strategically circulating them on the internet like we discussed. These videos are approximately 1-3 minutes in length.

We spoke on the phone last week and he gave me the update on his progress. In the last 30 days he had 8 new patients that called, scheduled an appointment, and signed-up for chiropractic care JUST FROM THE VIDEOS!!

There are 3 things I’d like to point-out here:

Number 1 – He did the work once and these video will benefit him for years to come. He’s already had a couple appointments schedule in the last few days and he didn’t do ANY additional work to get them. Did you catch that?

We call this leverage. You do the work once and reap the benefits month after month.

The internet is the best way to create systems that leverage your marketing…. period! In case you missed what I mentioned, let me put it another way. The internet affords you the ability to do the work one time and to get more patients and income on autopilot.

Number 2 – He hasn’t integrated or implemented any other aspect of social media, SEO, or online marketing. We still have a metric ton of stuff we’re going to put into play together when he hires another assistant. He’s just getting started!

Number 3 – His average case value (or life-time value) per patient is between$1,800 – $3,000. In most cases he collects these care plans up-front, too. Let’s say that that we just take the minimum value number.

When he continues at this pace, we’ve just helped him add an extra $14,400 per month to his practice revenue just from doing chiropractic video marketing.

What if you could add an EXTRA $14,400 to your practice per month from doing what I tell you to do one time? How would that change your life?

Videos, if done the right way, can sit online and generate you traffic, leads, and new patients without doing any additional work. This is very close to generating passive income. It doesn’t get any easier.

The bottom line is this, all modesty set aside. It pays very well to follow my instructions and social media marketing strategy because it works. It works every time no matter what type of chiropractic practice you have or what your skill-level! These are the facts.

To see how internet marketing and social media can transform your practice, click this link and follow the instructions to commit to your practice success.

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2 Responses to “YouTube Chiropractic Marketing Case Study”

  1. Todd Austin says:

    Great stuff, Dr. Loop.

    Being a small town practitioner in Central IL, I can’t say that I’ve added that kind of additional revenue from the videos yet. But I will say that the videos I’ve done for both my Auriculotherapy Quit Smoking program and my niche as a “Full Service Cold Laser Therapy Clinic”, have attracted several patients that have come to my clinic from over 2 hours away!!! Many have passed nearly 100 DC offices to get to mine and probably at least a couple dozen who also offer quit smoking programs and / or lasers!

    I remember that when 1 lady called from over 2 hours away, she told me on the phone that she already felt like she knew me after watching many of my online videos that she found doing a google search. She followed the videos to my clinic website, where she read about all of my services, community involvement and saw pictures of me with my wife and kids.

    When she arrived for her first viisit, she thanked me for making the videos, mentioned once again that she felt like she knew me (even asking me questions about my wife and children) and went on to say “I JUST KNOW I’M IN THE RIGHT PLACE”. Wow!!!

    What can I say. This online video marketing just WORKS!

    Thanks again, Dr. Loop.

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    That’s awesome, Todd! Strategic use of video marketing is incredibly powerful for chiropractic practices. It’s been our bread and butter for over 4 years now. More doctors need to understand how to create, optimize, and mass distribute videos on the web. It can transform your practice if you do it right.

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