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Get THOUSANDS of Free YouTube Views by Doing This

Get THOUSANDS of Free YouTube Views by Doing This

This one simple tweak can be the difference in you getting a couple video views each day or a couple thousand. Implementing this strategy helps you grow your business without spending one single dime on advertising. Click the play button below to view.     – Did you like this post? If so, click the […]

Why Your Chiropractic Videos Have Embarrassingly Low Views

Why Your Chiropractic Videos Have Embarrassingly Low Views

For the last 6 years, I’ve been teaching chiropractors how to create, optimize, and distribute videos online for maximum traffic, exposure, and effectiveness. During that time, I’ve worked with thousands of doctors, helping them get consistent patients without spending a dime on advertising. When searching on YouTube, it’s easy to spot doctors that have not […]

10 Steps to UNSTOPPABLE Income with Online Video

10 Steps to UNSTOPPABLE Income with Online Video

This blog post is in response to one of the most common questions I’m asked which is, “After I create videos, what’s the best and most effective way to market them with social media?” Translation…  “what’s going to get me customers and make money!” There is a right and wrong way to market your videos […]

How to Stop Camera Shyness Permanently!

Over the past few years, one of the MOST common questions I’ve received from those looking to start using video in their online marketing is “How do I overcome my fear of being on camera?” For many, this phobia is as paralyzing as public speaking. Here’s a quick video I put together that provides 7 […]

How to Siphon Traffic from Popular YouTube Videos

Here’s a great way to siphon-off an avalanche of targeted website traffic from the most viewed YouTube videos in any category. I call this the piggy-back strategy because you’re basically riding the wave of popularity from recent or older content on the massive video sharing network. — – Did you like this video? If so, […]

What 3 Deleted YouTube Channels Taught Me

In 2006 when YouTube really burst onto the scene, online video was virgin territory for many. It was crazy how fast the momentum built, though. Even though I really didn’t know what I was doing, I began to put out videos about health, personal growth, and what I was using to make money from the […]

The #1 Hollywood Video Marketing Persuasion Secret

I’ve been using video in my internet marketing arsenal since 2006 for my online affiliate ventures and chiropractic practice. Throughout that time, I’ve noted certain conversion tactics that work better than others at getting people to become motivated and take the action you want after your video has completed. This blog post is going to […]

How to Use Video Marketing to Make More Money

This is the last installment in a 4-part series guest blog post by mover, shaker, and internet marketing authority, Mike Koenigs. In it, he reveals how to use video marketing to make more money! If you missed his previous eye-opening posts, you’ll want to click the text links below this video when you’re finished watching. […]

How to Build a List with Video Marketing

This is the 3rd installment in a series of guest blog posts by mover, shaker, and information marketing mogul, Mike Koenigs. If you missed his previous eye-opening posts, you can watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Within this content-packed video, you’ll discover exactly how build a massive list the right way with video […]

Why Video Trumps Other Internet Marketing Mediums

Today’s featured blog post is going to be the first of several by seasoned entrepreneur and internet marketer, Mike Koenigs. He’s created and agreed to share a series of videos just for my valued readers like yourself! Mike’s best known as the guy who created the Web 2.0 syndication service, Traffic Geyser, that distributes over […]