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Why Your Chiropractic Videos Have Embarrassingly Low Views

For the last 6 years, I’ve been teaching chiropractors how to create, optimize, and distribute videos online for maximum traffic, exposure, and effectiveness. During that time, I’ve worked with thousands of doctors, helping them get consistent patients without spending a dime on advertising.

When searching on YouTube, it’s easy to spot doctors that have not worked with me. They usually create great, professional videos but there are some key ingredients missing, hence the reason why their videos hardly get any hits.

It’s such a waste to make an awesome video and not know how to correctly optimize and position it in front of where qualified, LOCAL patients are searching.

High-quality production videos do not necessarily generate views (as many chiropractors eventually figure-out). It’s a hard and expensive lesson to learn, believe me.

Too many think social media practice marketing is “easy,” which is why they don’t seek professional help from the get-go.

If it were that easy, more docs would be realizing the practices of their dreams right now instead of the opposite. I get emails all of the time from chiropractors (non-clients) that are hanging-on by a thread because they haven’t become students of marketing.

Strategy is what separates the amateurs from the pros so pay attention. Here are the reasons why your chiropractic YouTube videos are virtually going unseen:

1) You don’t know what keywords prospective patients in your local area are searching.

If you don’t know this information, you certainly will not know how to title, tag, and describe your videos when you upload them to a network like YouTube. This is way more important than the creation process and can make or break your video marketing efforts

In Social Media Elite, members get a list of 25 titles that locals are already searching. The hard work and research is basically done for you. No reinventing the wheel here, as it’s handed over on a silver platter.

2) You don’t know how to distribute the videos correctly online.

After you understand how to optimize your videos the right way, you then need to maximize the distribution process. The only thing better that one video getting 20 views per day on YouTube, is for that same video to be on as many video sharing networks as possible, garnering exponentially more views.

Make sense?

Video marketing is so much more than just uploading a video to YouTube. You have to know how to be resourceful and get it to the masses quickly.

In this blog post, I share with you a tool every serious video marketer cannot live without. It helps you rank atop Google for any local keyword phrase you choose.

3) You don’t verbally tell others to share the video.

When making videos, you should always provide a call to action at the end. ALWAYS. Never assume people know what to do next or that they will magically share it with friends.

You have to guide them step by step and give them a reason to share your content. Specifically tell them to “like” the video, share it on Facebook, email it to a friend, etc…

4) You don’t have a strategic and proven formula to follow.

If you’re going to create a professional video, realize that the creation process is just the beginning. You could have the best video in the world but if you cannot drive local, qualified traffic to it then you won’t get new patients from video marketing.

It’s pretty simple.

You have to have an effective marketing strategy. With that said, you can take the time, energy and effort to figure it out yourself. Or, you can just grab the reliable short-cut right here.

When you implement the system, it could easily net you an EXTRA 10 new patients per month (passively) just from your videos. Either way, you MUST master video marketing or you WON’T be able to compete in 2012 and beyond.

Amateur hour is almost over and the clock is ticking.

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