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Think BIG! Thoughts from Punta Cana

Here’s a quick update from my vacation in beautiful Punta Cana. While I was on the beach, I became inspired to make this personal video. I was also reminded of a quote by an anonymous source that says “Where you are in life at his moment is EXACTLY where you believe you should be.”

While studying human potential, it never ceases to amaze me what can be accomplished when all perceived obstacles and psychological barriers are removed. I remember growing-up in a small town in southeast Michigan, being surrounded by friends and family, in a limited belief system that was not really my own. I instinctively knew that I was different and never place limits upon myself or what I could achieve. Yet, I watched how others would continuously make excuses and settle, selling themselves short letting their present external circumstances dictate internet beliefs.

One of the lessons I took away was to think big, regardless of how “unrealistic” I thought my desire was or “how” I was going to make it happen. An interesting thing began to unfold when I started doing thinking this way. The “how” eventually took care of itself when I began to take action toward my dreams and maintain focus. I attracted the network, relationships, and skill-set that would eventually lead me on an extraordinary path and where I am today.

“Think BIG and Kick Ass!” – Donald Trump

I’m not a big believer in chance or accidents when it comes to being successful in business or life. My advice is to really go after what you want, not what you think you can get! Enjoy the video and please share your thoughts below ūüėČ

– Matt

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5 Responses to “Think BIG! Thoughts from Punta Cana”

  1. Matt, It’s so good to see you helping so many, and enjoying your life to the max too!
    Great FB posts and pics too!

    You truly are the embodiment of “Living and Practicing by Design”, not default.

    And for other docs reading this, when was the last time you traveled, or took a big vacation?
    The average DC takes about 1 week/year, which is not even close to enough to really living.

    As Zig Ziglar said, (and I paraphrase) ‘successful people don’t look at work as paying the price, but rather enjoying the reward!’ Create the financial freedom and resources from your practice and related ventures so you CAN go enjoy the rewards
    with fretting over “lost” income, as you’ll make it back in spades, with a clear head and a better strategy! (I had this very discussion with a client today.)

    Follow Matt’s tools and systems and live a big life-while you can!

    All the best Matt, John

  2. Jeff says:

    Inspiring video, Matt. Thank you for sharing. Just to put this in perspective, this was the very first blog entry I viewed after joining the DC Income Club. Naturally, I got that I was on the path to where you are… great choices about how to spend my time. There was just a teeny hint of disappointment about the up-sell to the total immersion whatever.

    I don’t mean to be cynical, but you have to know that up-selling is a drag when encountered before dollar one has been made with the basic product.But shake it off I will. Let us continue together… maybe meet up in Thailand, hey?

  3. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks for the kind words, John! It’s important to recharge your mind / body frequently and to reward yourself. Getting in the habit of taking vacations and learning how to relax is vital…

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    Glad to have you aboard, Jeff! Yes, you are on the right path. The platinum Total Immersion Day is not really an upsell, as I have different clients that have different objectives and are looking for a personalized approach. For the doctor or professional that wants the information “now” and wants me to train them one-on-one live, get them started, help them package their knowledge into an information product, mastermind …. there’s substantially more of an investment. Not everyone is looking (or is ready) for that, though.

    The DCincome Club is a great, barrier-free way for most to access the same marketing strategies and ideas I’ve used to personally live very well from the internet. The strategies are not really that difficult to learn or implement, it’s just new for many. Continued success ūüôā

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